Tucker Carlson Is All of Us in Latest Take-Down of Biden's America

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Sometimes Tucker Carlson just hits all the right notes, and he did so on Friday evening as he lambasted the January 6th committee, while also tying it into just how much of a disaster Biden’s America is.


The Fox News host opened by noting that his show didn’t carry the supposedly “blockbuster” hearings live. Why? Because they are nothing but political propaganda meant to divert the attention of the public to things that ultimately hold little to no value.

This is one of those times I suggest you watch the entire thing, even if it is a little long.

“The effect was North Korean,” Carlson explained, noting that nothing like this has ever happened. He’s right — in that it is completely unprecedented for every major broadcast and cable news channel (sans Fox News) to hand over its airwaves in primetime, uninterrupted, to a partisan House committee. That the committee’s operation is so blatantly undemocratic, misrepresenting facts in order to target political opponents and not allowing the other side any rebuttal, only makes matters worse.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened and will happen again on Monday night. For hours on end, Pelosi got her campaign commercial followed by yet more hours of uncritical “analysis” from leftwing media mouthpieces.

What weren’t those channels talking about while that was going on? As Carlson points out, all the actual news that affects normal Americans. Inflation hit another 40-year high, rising to 8.6 percent in May. The price of fuel skyrocketing has caused the price of everything else to rise, and all Biden has done is blame others. Further, and I didn’t realize this until Carlson brought it up, the president has ordered yet more ethanol to be blended into the gasoline supply.


What’s that mean? It means less corn for food production, and that doesn’t just affect the corn products on your kitchen table. Corn is a feed, thus meat prices, egg prices, and milk prices are skyrocketing. Ethanol is also bad for the environment because it takes the production of dozens of pounds of corn to produce one gallon of the stuff. So in the midst of food shortage, Biden decided now was a good time to force more “renewable” ethanol on gasoline producers, culminating in another insane, self-destructive move. It’s almost as if Biden wants to make food and gas prices go up, right?

The media doesn’t want to talk about any of that, though. Instead, they spent all of Friday evening obsessing over January 6th, which occurred a year-and-a-half ago, and which has been litigated and investigated to death. They want you to believe “our democracy” is under “threat,” instead of caring about the problems staring you in the face.

Carlson continued to press the absurdity undergirding his monologue, moving to the fact that we could be on the verge of war with Russia and China, and the State Department is focusing on “equity.”

Lastly, the Fox News host got to his major point, which is answering the question of why the federal government would be doing everything except helping bring inflation down while trying to make you not pay attention to it. The answer? The debt is so large that the only way out of the bubble we’ve built is, you guessed it, to inflate the currency. That way, you end up with more dollars to pay off past debts even if those dollars hold less current purchasing power.


Get it? You get to pay an extra month’s salary this year in inflation so the White House can brag about “lowering” the deficit on the backs of you going broke. As Carlson proclaims at the end of his segment, it’s all one big scam, and we are the suckers.


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