We Need to Talk About White, Liberal Wine-Moms

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Joe Biden’s disapproval continues to plummet, with him hitting a new low in the RealClearPolitics average and dropping below 40 percent for the second time since he did so for a single day back in February.


Things are bad out there. Inflation is killing most Americans, the economy is stagnating, the stock market continues to plunge, and the border is a disaster. We could talk about America’s foreign policy mess under Biden as well, but that’d just be belaboring the point.

Yet, there’s one demographic that seems to think the president is doing just swell: White, college-educated, liberal women. Get a load of these numbers.

Now, for clarity, and so my editors don’t kill me, I’ve got no problem with college-educated women who enjoy a glass of wine. Heck, I’m married to one as I’m sure a lot of you reading this are. The operative distinction here is being a liberal, and to get more specific, this typically manifests as progressives living in the affluent areas of places like San Francisco, Chicago, and DC.

Take San Francisco as an example. Just days ago, DA Chesa Boudin, who has led a disastrous criminal justice “reform” movement in the Democrat city, was recalled. Because California’s election system is a dumpster fire, the counting is still going on, but it appears the final result will be around 60-40 to remove him. Boudin’s stronghold was in Haight Ashbury, a mostly white, affluent neighborhood. The Mission, another Boudin stronghold, saw its turnout drop precipitously compared to 2019, an indication that voters were not motivated to keep him, even if they didn’t support his challengers (The Mission is a high-crime area). The neighborhood that voted the strongest to recall him, Sunset, is majority Hispanic.


I think that gives us a good indication of why we see this divide in polling at the national level. Those that have to deal the least with the consequences of liberal policies tend to be the most supportive of liberal policies. Call it virtue signaling or something else, but it’s readily observable. In the end, for a certain segment of the population, “feeling good” is more important than actually instituting policies that avoid harm.

Take the book “White Fragility,” which is an ode to critical race theory and social justice politics. The author, Robin DiAngelo, has never had to face any of the consequences of that which she supports. She gets to live in her protected community enjoying her millions of dollars while black and Hispanic Americans pay the price, sometimes with their lives, because of the pro-crime policies of the left. The lack of skin in the game makes it easy to support figures like Biden and Boudin.

In the end, that’s pretty selfish, is it not? To value one’s feeling of superiority over actually helping those you claim to care about? And while these white, college-educated wine-moms are free to hold whatever political views they want, it’d be nice if they didn’t take the rest of the country down with them.



Editor’s Note: We have, in fact, elected to let Bonchie live as he was gracious enough to clarify his point. Besides – he’s right. 


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