The Response to Ted Cruz Over Uvalde Shooting Is Absolutely Moronic

Ted Cruz caused a firestorm on the left after he suggested that schools should have single-entry setups in order to limit the ability of a shooter to barge into a school and begin firing. That came in response to the deadly mass shooting in Uvalde, TX.


His suggestion then became even more credible after it was revealed that the shooter lingered outside the school for 12 minutes, eventually entering through an unlocked back door. He faced no armed resistance, nor any physical barriers before taking over a classroom, locking the door, and killing 19 children.

Yet, despite everything that we now know about how the shooting in Uvalde unfolded, the left is still pretending that having schools lock their other doors throughout the day is an unthinkable, egregious idea. That continued with a laughably insulting article by the Texas Tribune on Saturday.

…“It is not feasible to think we’re going to ever get to the point where we have one door in and one door out,” said Bill Avera, chief of police and emergency manager for the Jacksonville Independent School District in East Texas and a board member of the Texas School Safety Center.


Of note is that the “gotcha” here against Cruz, i.e. that he said “into and out of schools” is a willful misreading of what he’s talking about. My children’s school has a single entrance during the day. As a visitor, there is only one way in and out of the school through a magnetic door lock that must be opened from the inside. In no way does that school resemble or feel like a prison. Further, the building is old. It is not some modern design. All they do is, and stick with me here, lock the other doors to the outside throughout the day.

That is what Cruz so obviously meant. He did not mean that there should be no other doors to the outside anywhere in the building. Editors at the Texas Tribune know that, but being the leftwing hacks they are, they chose to play stupid by going to “experts” that agreed to confirm their priors without an ounce of critical thinking. Why did they quote someone in Florida who was so clearly being obtuse, for example? Are there no safety experts in Texas to talk to? Of course, there are, but they shopped around until they got the answer they wanted.

But again, something as simple and effective as saying “hey, maybe we should lock the doors during the day,” an action that would have probably prevented the children from dying in Uvalde, is scoffed at. The reason? That there could be a fire. Get a load of some of these responses to the Texas Tribune article.


I’m trying to imagine these absolute morons encountering a fire door for the first time and treating it as some kind of incredible, unthinkable marvel. You see, they have these doors that are locked from the outside, but if you are inside and push a bar, you can walk right out of them. Buildings all over the country have them, including many, many schools.

But partisan detractors want to not even entertain the one standardized solution that could have prevented the tragedy in Uvalde. Worse, they mock those who make such a basic suggestion. Is the left filled with absolute imbeciles or just dishonest hacks? The answer is both, and while I’ve tried to avoid politics in my writings on this shooting since Tuesday, this kind of dangerous idiocy deserves to be called out. They want to fortify the Capitol but won’t put a magnetic door in a school to protect kids? They’ll mask kids for two years and lock them in classrooms over COVID, but exterior doors are where they draw the line on making children adapt? Give us all a break. No one is buying this stuff.



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