The Saga of CNN+ Somehow Manages to Get Even More Hilarious

The Saga of CNN+ Somehow Manages to Get Even More Hilarious
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As RedState reported previously, CNN+ is no more. The much-hyped “news” streaming service, which projected that millions of Americans would actually pay money to watch something they already don’t watch for free, was shuttered by Discovery, which recently purchased CNN.

In what had to be one of the biggest news industry boondoggles in history, hundreds of millions of dollars were sunk into a project that lasted only two weeks. Even still, CNN’s Brian Stelter proclaimed that “[i]t’s too early to know if this product, if this service was a success or a failure,” because lying is like breathing for hosts on the liberal network. The reactions overall were comical.

But somehow, the saga of CNN+ has managed to get even more hilarious. According to The Wall Street Journal, already laid-off staffers were sent welcome baskets touting how great it is to work for CNN.

New CNN parent company Warner Bros. Discovery abruptly announced last month that it would be shuttering its just-launched CNN+ streaming service, and then stunned hundreds of laid off staffers a week later by sending them welcome gift baskets filled with branded products from the defunct unit. “This is an incredible time to be part of CNN,” a note in some of the swag bags said, according to The Wall Street Journal. “Build relationships and take time to connect with colleagues and learn so that you make the most of your time here.” CNN told the Journal that the gift baskets, which contained items such as pens, popcorn makers, and headphones, had been “sent mistakenly.”

That is stone cold, and it speaks to the absolute ineptness that so obviously inhabits every corner of CNN. They can’t even lay people off properly without plunging the knife in by sending them swag bags and encouraging them to “build relationships and take time to connect with colleagues.” I’ll be honest, I almost feel sorry for those who received the baskets.

But then I remember that this is CNN we are talking about, a viciously biased news organization that undoubtedly makes the country a far worse place. If it’s fine for the White House to call a Fox News reporter an obscene name in this age of “decorum,” I think it’s acceptable for me to be fine with the demise of a CNN property that never should have existed in the first place. At some point, if you jump on a sinking ship, you take on the risks of that.

Besides, it’s not my fault that CNN chose to spend a huge portion of the CNN+ budget on overpaid, worthless “talent,” including Chris Wallace, Don Lemon, and Rex Chapman, which certainly played a role in its downfall. If CNN actually cared about those laid-off employees, they would have been more frugal from the beginning, making a service that was actually sustainable. Instead, executives arrogantly used it to shower hacks with huge contracts with no real plan for viability.

CNN+ going the way of the dodo bird is a net positive for the nation, and hopefully, Discovery keeps the changes coming, not in regard to camera operators and lighting techs, but in regard to the on-air hosts and producers. No network has ever deserved to be completely gutted more.

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