Pro-Life Organization Firebombed, Pro-Abortion Ghouls Celebrate the Escalating Violence

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

As RedState reported on Saturday evening, protesters gathered outside the homes of John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh in a disturbing attempt to influence the Supreme Court’s coming decision on Roe v. Wade. A recently leaked majority decision showed the landmark abortion precedent being overturned, which has led to an escalation from the left in response.


Things first turned violent on Tuesday, when “protesters” damaged a police car and then got into a physical confrontation with police in Los Angeles. Now, a new report out of Wisconsin shows things are getting more dangerous after a pro-life organization was firebombed.

First of all, this “reporter” can get all the way bent. He’s actively choosing to adopt the left’s language of pro-life individuals being “anti-abortion rights.” We aren’t “anti-abortion rights” because there is no such thing as a right to kill one’s child. That’s a wholly made-up notion with no basis in actual constitutional law whatsoever.

Does this reporter also use the phrase “pro-abortion” to describe those who consider themselves “pro-choice?” I’d bet a mortgage payment he doesn’t, and it’s another example of how hopelessly biased the media is. In this case, the reporter is actually feeding into the notion that those who firebombed this office are justified. After all, they are having their “rights” taken away, according to him, so why wouldn’t they throw some Molotov cocktails?

But I digress. The responses to this disgusting incident devolved into open calls for more violence. Pro-abortion zealots in the replies began to celebrate the news, urging further attacks on those who seek to protect the unborn from being killed.


On Saturday, I put up a post on social media opining that over the next month or so, the country will be shown to be incurably divided. We are in the beginning stages of that, and things are going to get much darker from here. I don’t say that with any glee, but how can a society exist when one side believes violence is justified against individuals who simply don’t want babies to be stabbed in the head and sucked out of the womb?

It’s also worth mentioning that had this been an abortion clinic being attacked, it would have been national news. As it stands, it’s a local news story because it doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s narrative. But make no mistake, this is domestic terrorism. Will the FBI put out a statement and acknowledge the dangers of left-wing radicalism? Don’t hold your breath.


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