Jen Psaki Is Officially out as Press Secretary; Here's Who Will Replace Her

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Jen Psaki has been in the midst of a massive ethics violation for the last several months, after it was revealed she had essentially already negotiated a move from the White House over to MSNBC without resigning first. She has continued to take to the podium, interacting with reporters who are soon to be her colleagues and trashing those who are soon to be her rivals.


Despite the press previously gnashing its teeth over Kaleigh McEnany going to Fox News months after the end of the Trump administration, they found no reason to press Psaki about her real-time conflict of interest. In fact, outside a single briefing where a few tough questions were asked, the topic was never brought up again.

Now, Psaki is officially out, and her replacement has been announced. Karine Jean-Pierre, who has subbed in for Psaki at times, will take over on May 13th.

If you aren’t familiar with Jean-Pierre, she’s just as dishonest as Psaki. When asked why the Biden administration was still supporting the World Health Organization after it continued to work with China, the nation responsible for the COVID-19, she quipped “that is something you have to ask the Chinese government,” as if the United States has no agency.

When pressed on Joe Biden’s lie that the vaccines stop the transmission of COVID, Jean-Pierre started mumbling about trusting the science instead of answering the question. In another example, Peter Doocy pressed her on the government giving money to illegal immigrants coming across the border, and she again had no good answer.


The big difference between Psaki and Jean-Pierre is that the latter hasn’t quite got the arrogant snark thing down yet, but I’m confident she’ll get there as she gets used to the press lavishing praise on her every day. Psaki felt untouchable because she was untouchable by the dictate of a news industry that refused to hold her accountable. The same treatment will be given to Jean-Pierre.

So, buckle up. You’ll be hearing her name a lot going forward.


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