Biden's Border Policies Turn Deadly for a National Guardsman, While Democrats Look to Double Down

Joe Biden’s border policies have long been a disaster, and it’s impossible to quantify just how many lives they have cost. Yet, we do know the name of one of the latest victims.


Texas National Guardsman Bishop E. Evans went missing on Friday after jumping into the Rio Grande river to save the lives of illegal immigrants. He was only 22 years old, and it is presumed that he drowned in the midst of his heroic act.

It’s always heartbreaking to see the pictures of people who have perished doing great things. This young man did not deserve to die, and his death was completely preventable. That’s what makes this even more tragic. The only reason the National Guard is at the border is to try to facilitate the massive influx in illegal immigration that Biden’s short-sighted, asinine policies have caused.

The president revoked the “Remain in Mexico” policy at the beginning of his term, and is now looking to revoke Title 42, which has played a role in keeping illegal immigration around record numbers – instead of double record numbers. That things are going so badly doesn’t even compute for the useless leeches in Washington, who only prioritize their own leftwing politics.

In this case, though, we aren’t talking about paying higher taxes or skyrocketing inflation. We are talking about people dying that didn’t have to die. Bishop E. Evans did not have to die, and the administration should be ashamed of itself for creating an environment where this could take place.


Unfortunately, they aren’t ashamed, and are instead looking to double down.

That means a lot more people will die, and I’m not just talking about Americans like Evans. Even if Democrats don’t seem to care, the lives of illegal immigrants are also worth something. Those are people with families and worth dying in the desert and drowning in rivers, because American politicians have chosen to use them as political pawns. They are not being helped by being encouraged to pay drug cartels to haul them thousands of miles in harsh conditions, in the hopes of crossing the U.S. border illegally.

This has to stop. I just don’t know how it does with the current leadership in place. What I do know is that a backlash is coming in November, and the border issue will play a major role in that.


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