Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Dunks on the Liberal Media and Raises Questions

With all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the left regarding Elon Musk’s attempted takeover of Twitter, the social media giant’s founder has been relatively quiet. Jack Dorsey owns about two percent of the company and took a step back from leadership over the last few years.


So when he went online today to respond to a tweet from Brian Stelter, a lot of people took notice. Why is Dorsey…dunking on the liberal media? I have a theory.

Obviously, Dorsey’s critique is correct. It is farcical for the mainstream media to pretend it does anything but sow doubt and discord among the public. At least Tucker Carlson’s show is entertaining and strays off the beaten path from time to time, which is what makes it so interesting. The Washington Post, CNN, and others simply pump out non-stop, divisive garbage that isn’t clever and does nothing to actually push the conversation forward.

Regardless, it is very odd to see Dorsey, no doubt a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, go after his own side. Why is this happening? Here’s what I think.

I think there is a certain part of the left which subscribes to a more libertarian mindset. In that sense, they are very “live and let live.” Yet, that push for “progressivism” has been hi-jacked by legitimately insane people who think kids should get sex changes and the police are nazis. Again, I’m not suggesting Dorsey isn’t leftwing, but I am suggesting that the type of leftwinger he is has been largely marginalized over the last several years.


I also know that Dorsey has, despite his faults, been a fairly strong supporter of free speech on his platform. The way that the media lined up to malign Musk for simply wanting less censorship may not have sat too well with the Twitter founder. Perhaps that’s why he’s lashing out?

In the end, though, I’m not sure it matters much why he said what he said (and he made a few other comments as well). Rather, I think it’s important to note that the left-wing coalition is fracturing. That’s not surprising, as it’s been clearly unsustainable for years.

Of course, the big wild card here is whether Dorsey is actually working with Musk at this point. As RedState reported earlier on Monday, he did lash out at the Twitter board, noting its clear corruption. If Dorsey “flips,” hoo boy, the left is going to go nuclear.


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