Trump Weighs in on Ukraine, Calls Russian Actions 'Genocide'

Donald Trump appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night on Fox News. He commented on a variety of topics, including how the Biden administration has killed America’s energy independence.


But it was another comment that made the most news, lining up with something Joe Biden said days earlier: that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine.

…inflation to the loss of energy independence, it is so said to watch, and now add to to that what’s going on in Ukraine, that’s genocide, what’s happening in Ukraine, people have never seen anything like that before…

Hannity quickly moved on, perhaps not wanting to delve further into the strict definition of whether Russia is actually committing genocide in Ukraine. What happened in Bucha does appear to have been a massacre. The question is when war crimes turn into something systematic, which is what is typically required to be considered genocide. Past Bucha, as horrific and detestable as it is for Russia to bomb civilian centers, that’s not automatically genocide (otherwise quite literally every major conflict is a genocide).

Still, I have no qualms with people who want to go there. My only concern is possibly cheapening the usage of the term, allowing nations to abscond from taking direct action to fight widescale genocides in the future. Put simply, if everything is genocide, nothing is. I also understand that Russia has made genocidal overtures, such as claiming they will “de-nazify” Ukraine. That can’t be discounted in the discussion, and I see both sides.


That Trump described things using the term is interesting, and it does put to bed any stupid idea that he is somehow pro-Russia in this entire situation. His words were taken out of context prior to the invasion when he called Putin’s plan to use “peacekeepers” to occupy “independent” areas of Ukraine “savvy” and “genius.” Trump wasn’t wrong at that point, though. Had Russia stopped there, it would have been a very smart outflanking of the international community, which would not have reacted to Putin moving in on status quo areas. The former president did not claim that the actual full-scale invasion of Ukraine was “genius,” and those still suggesting that are lying.

In the end, I don’t think what Trump said is going to cause much controversy. He said something inconvenient to the left’s narrative, so they’ll likely ignore it before accusing him of being a Putin puppet again in the near future. It doesn’t matter how many times Trump condemns Russia or the fact that his administration tried to kneecap Russia’s energy sector regarding Europe, which could have prevented this invasion, something Ukrainian President Zelensky has suggested. The media and its Democrat allies will never let go.


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