Latest Inflation Advice Goes From Insulting to Psychotic

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Inflation continues to slam the American people in ways not seen in over 40 years following the Jimmy Carter administration. The February number clocked in at 7.9 percent, and there are no signs things are going to slow down. Will we soon be at 10 percent inflation? That’s not a bad bet, at this point.


That reality has left poor and middle-class Americans scrambling as they have had to essentially absorb a massive pay reduction due to the increased costs of goods and services. Of course, gas prices are also nearly double what they were when Joe Biden took office.

So, how is our intrepid media handling that? Are they holding the powerful to account? Nah, they are giving advice like this.

The article itself is behind a paywall, but you get the gist of its contents in the above tweet. There are also some things within the article to enter into the realm of psychotic. For example, this is an actual quote by the author.

If you’re one of the many Americans who became a new pet owner during the pandemic, you might want to rethink those costly pet medical needs.

The answer to inflation is now to…let your pets die? Also, don’t eat meat, ride a non-existent bus if you live anywhere outside of a major metro area (or get robbed and assaulted on one, if you do live in a city), and suck it up, you big baby, because no one said this would be fun.

I’m just astonished at the disconnect. It’s also plainly transparent why we are getting lectures like this: We must protect “dear leader.”


Joe Biden and his administration’s horrific monetary and energy policies are to blame for what is happening with inflation. It was his party that passed a pointless, boondoggle “American Rescue Plan” that dumped trillions of dollars into an already overheated economy. It is Biden’s administration that has been an enemy of domestic oil and gas production, leading to a reliance on hostile nations.

Americans don’t need to eat less meat. They don’t need to take a freaking bus. Rather, they need a president who isn’t a mental invalid so married to a ridiculously partisan ideology that he refuses to do anything to help the people he ostensibly serves. That’s what’s so bad about that Bloomberg piece — and the person who wrote it. It’s not just that the suggestions offered are idiotic. It’s that they stand in place of holding those in power accountable for the terrible, selfish decisions that led us here.

It’s time for a reckoning for those who brought us to this point, not more elitist lectures toward normal Americans just trying to make it. Enough is enough.


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