WATCH: Armored Vehicle Plows Over a Car in Ukraine—and the Aftermath Is Even More Stunning

WATCH: Armored Vehicle Plows Over a Car in Ukraine—and the Aftermath Is Even More Stunning
A Russian-made 9K35 armored vehicle collides with a car in Kyiv. Credit: @Balshone/Twitter

The fighting in Kyiv is intensifying as Russian forces attempt to take the city. Ukrainian resistance has been fierce, though, and only appears to be hardening. Civilians are being armed, and if Putin thought he was going to be presented with a cakewalk, he’s apparently miscalculated.

The ongoing battle has led to some incredible footage making its way online. One such clip involves a Russian-made, 9K35 Strela-10 armored vehicle swerving and running over a car.

Originally, the story began to spread that this was a Russian vehicle committing a war crime. That doesn’t appear to be the case (and some are saying the 9K35 is actually a Ukrainian vehicle). Another video has emerged showing the moment the car is hit from another angle. What it shows is a Russian truck coming under fire, as the 9K35 is seen taking evasive maneuvers in the background.

With that context, when you go back and watch the original video, it’s pretty clear the driver of the armored vehicle didn’t see the car and was surprised when he hit it. That explains why it didn’t continue to plow forward but immediately stopped for a period of time.

Regardless of the story behind the incident, the aftermath is even more stunning. Apparently, the man survived. After being pulled from the car, he was taken to a local hospital.

I can’t imagine what was going through that guy’s mind, as a multi-ton tank came crashing down on him at speed. That he wasn’t immediately killed qualifies as a miracle, in my view. Let’s hope there are a few more left to occur before this is all over.

This is the chaos of urban warfare. Russians and Ukrainians — within a stone’s throw of each other at times — with a civilian population caught in the middle. It’s shocking to see, and we should all hope the fighting ends sooner rather than later.

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