Canadian Officials Land Another Blow Against the Freedom Convoy Truckers

Canadian Officials Land Another Blow Against the Freedom Convoy Truckers
Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

The Freedom Convoy continues to make headlines. Canadian truckers, farmers, and other protesters have spent the last several weeks pushing back on their government’s draconian COVID-19 mandates, earning scorn from the mainstream media and praise from those who abhor overbearing officials.

As things have stretched on, funding has become more of an issue. It obviously takes a lot of fuel and food to keep a protest of such size going, and millions of dollars have poured in from around the world. Yet, roadblocks have continually been put up in an attempt to shut down the demonstrations. GoFundMe, the leftwing fundraising site, halted donations to the truckers, sparking outrage among those who noted they had previously allowed Black Lives Matter to fundraise at will (even as riots were occurring). Eventually, the money was refunded after GoFundMe initially signaled they would redirect it.

From there, donors started using another site called GiveSendGo to organize. Unfortunately, the Canadian government has landed another blow, getting a judge to sign off on an order that prohibits further donations.

The argument being put forth here is that because the Freedom Convoy participants are committing acts of civil disobedience, anyone who gives them money for fuel and food is aiding and abetting criminal activity. In short, supporting a protest is now illegal in Canada — as long as the government doesn’t approve of the message.

Regardless, let’s call this what it really is: Pure cowardice on the part of the government.

If the fascistic Ottawa Police and their overlords in the Canadian government want to play the role of tough guy, then they should grow a spine and remove the truckers. If this is truly just about roads being illegally blocked, then go clear the roads. Instead, these petty, weak tyrants are choosing to nibble at the edges because they want to claim victory without putting in the work or taking the risk. Ontario officials know a show of force would backfire big time on them, so instead, you get ridiculous orders criminalizing donations, as if Canada is some two-bit, third-world dictatorship.

And you know what? Perhaps it is. The mask has been firmly pulled off many of these Western governments that have, for so long, lauded themselves as respecters of rights and individual liberty. Clearly, Canada couldn’t care less about preserving basic freedoms, whether we are talking about COVID mandates, vaccine passports, or the protests against those things.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cohorts, whether they realize it or not, have awoken a sleeping giant. No amount of ridiculous gaslighting about “insurrection” and “terrorism” will change the movement that has started. In the end, with or without online fundraising, the people will find a way to keep speaking out.

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