Ottawa Police Issuing a Tyrannical Edict Which May End the Freedom Convoy

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

There’s bad news for the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa Sunday.

The government has been trying to figure out how to do in the Freedom Convoy movement. They’ve tried to go after their support, by getting GoFundMe to pull their ability to raise money. While they headed off GoFundMe, which went along with the government’s tyrannical aims, the truckers were able to get another fundraiser started with a different site, GiveSendGo. Plus they’re receiving all kinds of donations from food to gas, personally, right on the front line in Ottawa.


Now, the police are trying to go after those donations of gas and propane that have been sustaining them to run their trucks and help cook their food in the freezing cold.

And it’s not just gas — “material support” could mean food. Talk about anti-free speech, and this is it.

People have been bringing the truckers supplies to keep them in place, and if they can’t, they may have to move. Then, the police would try to block them out of the city.

This is the horrible “crime” that they want to stop — the delivery of Polish sausages, toilet paper, and gas.


This could be very problematic, and effectively end the occupation, if the people obey this edict. But calling it “assisting a legal activity” seems an extremely questionable legal charge. Indeed, one might argue it’s an effort to shut down free speech by the government — which now places the government in the position of having violated Canadians’ rights.

Just how are they going to enforce it? Now, they’ll be having people smuggling cans of food in their jackets and backpacks.

How insane does this have to get, before they just listen to their people and remove the mandates? Why don’t they just talk to the people? That’s why they’re there, why they went to Ottawa. But the government refuses to meet with them. We see mandates beginning to be removed now in other parts of Canada — Alberta and in Saskatchewan — with their premiers saying, “It’s time.”


Yet, Ottawa refuses to even discuss it, and paints Canadians who are just seeking redress of their grievances as “terrorists” or insurrectionists. “Material support” is the terminology used with terrorists. So, they’re going to go after little old ladies for bringing truckers food?

Think about what you’re doing, you officials in Ottawa; you should hang your heads in shame over this.



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