The Church of COVID Comes for Ron DeSantis

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The church of COVID continues to grow in stature among hypochondriacs and otherwise left-leaning individuals across our great land. In practice, that means you must don the sacred mask, receive as many boosters as the government will allow, and any mention of the vaccines in anything other than a glorious light is forbidden.


As RedState reported, Ron DeSantis stepped into the realm of heresy recently by supposedly “suggesting” that the vaccines can affect a woman’s fertility. Yet, as my colleague Joe Cunningham explains, DeSantis never actually said that. In fact, it’s probable that his mention of “trying to have families” was in response to nurses being fired over vaccine mandates, thereby not having the financial stability to have children.

“Think about how ridiculous it is what they’re doing by trying to force the nurses” to get immunized, he said in a speech announcing funding for nursing certification programs. “A lot of these nurses have had covid. A lot of them are younger. Some of them are trying to have families.”

Nowhere in this quote does DeSantis suggest that getting the COVID-19 vaccine can affect fertility.

The speech, which was given at an event where DeSantis announced $2.3 million for nursing and vocational programs, focused on the critical medical worker shortage seen not just in Florida but around the country.

Still, just for giggles, let’s assume that DeSantis was alluding to the vaccines affecting a woman’s ability to have children. While that was called a conspiracy theory until recently, what we do know is that the vaccines do affect a woman’s menstrual cycle. Given that, would it be out of line to point out that changes in the timing of a woman’s cycle and its progression could affect couples trying to get pregnant?


I’m not saying that on a statistical level, the vaccines are lowering fertility rates overall because I don’t have that data, and again, DeSantis never said that. I’m just saying it’s not out of line to note that a young, healthy woman trying to get pregnant might not want to deal with any interruption and changes that could cause ovulation to start at a different time than expected.

Regardless, the point here isn’t to argue the minutia of vaccine side-effects. Rather, it’s to note the absolutely cultish way some respond whenever the vaccines and the subsequent mandates are spoken of without lavish praise. In the case of DeSantis, he was clearly talking about the mandates causing financial strain of women wanting to start a family. But even that was a bridge too far for the church of COVID.

To summarize, DeSantis did not actually say anything questioning the efficacy of the vaccines, nor was he even talking about physical side effects. Yet, the press (including the Never Trump clown above) have made the vaccines such a part of their very being that they automatically assumed the Florida governor was slighting the jabs. To touch their sacred cow is to draw endless waves of wailing and gnashing of teeth. To them, the vaccines are a god, above reproach and off-limits for any reasonable conversation.


It’s incredibly creepy to see people, including from major media outlets, behave that way. There are better religions out there than the coronavirus. Stop worshiping “science” and recognize that it’s perfectly acceptable for people in a free society to have countering viewpoints, including on COVID-19. Heck, if the vaccines work, why should anyone care about what Ron DeSantis or anyone else says or does? If a person has their shots, then what are they worried about?

The church of COVID doesn’t care about logic and reason, though. For its members, it’s all about mindless virtue signaling and being one of the “good ones.” That’s what this latest false attack on DeSantis was about. He opposes mandates, one of their sacred institutions, and thus, he’s unclean and must be excommunicated. Somehow, I doubt he cares that much.


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