The Latest Pravda-Level Attempt to Make Jill Biden a Thing Ends in Insulting Fashion

The Latest Pravda-Level Attempt to Make Jill Biden a Thing Ends in Insulting Fashion
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It’s good to be a Democrat, at least in terms of media coverage, and that is never more true than when you are the First Lady.

Melania Trump was treated like a pariah by the press, with everything from her clothing, her gardening, her accent, and her choice in Christmas decorations being derided. Despite the fact that she remained incredibly apolitical, she was never treated with anywhere near the same level of respect that far more partisan First Ladies were and are treated with.

Of course, current First Lady Jill Biden is on the right team. Thus, the passive coverage of the president’s spouse returned immediately upon the consummation of the Biden administration. But with Jill Biden, the press doesn’t just hold their fire. Instead, they actively seek to build her into something she’s clearly not, and this latest attempt by the Associated Press is truly Pravada-level propaganda.

Her husband campaigned to help unite the country, but Jill Biden says “healing” a nation wounded by a deadly pandemic, natural and other disasters and deep political polarization is among her chief roles as first lady, too.

Wrapping up a year in which she saw herself as a key member of President Joe Biden’s team, the first lady told The Associated Press that she found herself taking on a role that “I didn’t kind of expect, which was like a healing role, because we’ve faced so much as a nation.”

Jill Biden spoke sitting in the sunshine near a swimming pool at a Las Vegas hotel a day after she and the president comforted families in Louisville, Colorado, where a huge swath of homes burned to the ground in a late December wildfire. She hugged people as they stood in front of the charred ruins of their lives and later offered public condolences for dogs and other pets killed in the blaze.

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room first before we get to how tortured this “news” story is. Like most leftwing outlets posing as objective sources of information, the AP clearly has zero shame. In describing all the things Jill Biden has apparently brought “healing” to, they called the Waukesha massacre a “parade crash.”

To be clear, what happened to the six people who died in Waukesha, WI, that day was not a “crash.” It was a deliberate act of murder carried out by an avowed black supremacist. At the time, the media did their best to hide that fact, but now, over a month later, there is no excuse for any news outlet to still be using vague, weasel words like “parade crash.”

Further, when Jill Biden visited the hospital where child victims of the tragedy were being treated, she spent her entire speech talking about vaccines for kids. Even if one believes it was an honest oversight and that her words the day before were enough, the idea that she brought healing to anyone in that situation is, at best, a stretch.

Honestly, though, I’m not here to pick apart Jill Biden’s travel schedule. Rather, I’m here to point out the absolute absurdity of the press believing they can transform her into a unifying figure. Jill Biden is the most divisive, overtly political First Lady in my lifetime, and I lived through Michelle Obama’s tenure. That is why her attempts to bring “healing” have largely failed. Instead of remaining apolitical, she’s chosen to become an attack dog for her husband’s administration. Her personal ambition is also off the charts.

As a First Lady, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t be the nation’s mother, bridging divides while also being openly political and partisan. It just doesn’t work, no matter how hard the AP tries to make it happen.

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