Jill Biden Visits Waukesha and Somehow Manages to Make Things Worse

Jill Biden Visits Waukesha and Somehow Manages to Make Things Worse
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In the aftermath of the murderous attack in Waukesha, WI, the Biden administration seemed to be almost indifferent. It wasn’t until the next day that the president himself actually tweeted anything about it, and as quickly as it arose as an issue, it disappeared as one. The White House has had nothing further to say about a black supremacist with openly racist views purposely driving through a parade in one of the most Republican areas of Wisconsin. Meanwhile, the families of the dead and injured remain devastated.

Yet, weeks later, the administration suddenly announced a trip to the city that had been struck by such tragedy. Would Joe Biden show up? No, instead he sent his wife and Kamala Harris’ husband. Yet, instead of providing a message of public empathy, Jill Biden’s speech managed to not mention the tragedy at all. Instead, she spent her entire time plugging…COVID-19 vaccines for small children.

To even combine those two concerns is incredibly insensitive and insulting. If someone from the administration is going to show up to Waukesha, it should be strictly to focus on the attack that was carried out. Instead, the White House waited weeks and only decided to show up when they could multi-task? And that multi-tasking is about pushing vaccines on five-year-olds?

And then, after arriving, Jill Biden can’t even manage a mention of the attack in her speech? She couldn’t at least say she’s praying for the victims and that she recognizes the magnitude of what they are going through? Instead, while appearing at Children’s Wisconsin Hospital (where Waukesha victims are being treated) she went right into the baseless COVID hysteria, and yes, the idea that small children need to be vaccinated in response to the coronavirus is largely baseless given the actual statistical risks and the lack of longitudinal study.

So was this just an oversight or pure callousness by the First Lady? Knowing what we know about her rampant ambition, it wouldn’t surprise me if she found it politically expedient to not mention the attack in her remarks. This entire “empathetic grandma” act is just that. Jill Biden is just as much of a dedicated partisan as her husband.

I also find it really difficult to believe that she and her entire staff just forgot to mention the massacre in her hospital remarks. After all, she reportedly visited with some of the victims’ families and mentioned the massacre at the memorial. She knew what she was there for and that she was speaking in a hospital that still housed children fighting for their lives.

And while it’s cliche to point out, if this were Melania Trump, the “oversight” would have absolutely been plastered all over cable news. But Jill Biden is off-limits for criticism by the press because…reasons.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated for clarity. 

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