On Point: Marco Rubio Hits Media for 'Deranged' Criticism of Melania Trump's WH Christmas Decorations

First Lady Melania Trump debuts the 2019 White House Christmas decorations. Screen grab via the White House's YouTube channel.

Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump debuts the 2019 White House Christmas decorations. Screen grab via the White House’s YouTube channel.

On Sunday, First Lady Melania Trump debuted the White House’s Christmas decorations for 2019. In a video posted to the White House’s website, YouTube feed, and the First Lady’s Twitter page and other social media feeds, we saw her vision for the Christmas 2019 theme, which was “The Spirit of America.”



It was Mrs. Trump’s third year of coordinating the White House’s Christmas decor, and in this writer’s personal opinion it was the best display yet.

But even if you’re someone who happened to not be impressed with the decorations or thought another year’s theme was better, you could still understand the effort and time it took to put everything together, and appreciate it all in the spirit of the season, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone felt the same way. Among them were members of the mainstream media who, predictably, didn’t waste the opportunity to take petty swipes at Mrs. Trump’s decor selections and holiday fashion style as a way to bash the President because journalism and feminism or something.

Among her critics were Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan, who is infamous for using a politically weighted metric to determine her fashion targets:


The Daily Beast’s Alaina Demopoulos was another writer who took the low road, stating Trump’s “Joyless Christmas decorations are back to haunt your nightmares.”

The Huffington Post made sure to helpfully point out how many unhinged Twitter users bashed Trump’s designs in a piece titled “Melania Trump’s White House Christmas Decor Compared To A Scene In ‘The Shining’”.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) took notice of all the Melania/Christmas decoration bashing, and used it to make a larger point about the media were still completely devoid of any self-awareness of how these types of cheap shot criticisms actually hurt their profession all the more:


Unfortunately, the media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome never takes a break – not even for Christmas decorations.

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