Media Elites Take Insane Actions to Feed Their COVID Psychosis as the Country Remains Rudderless

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Is Joe Biden for or against more federal intervention regarding COVID-19? Good luck finding an answer to that question. Two days ago, he publicly stated that it was states, not the federal government, that would provide the solutions to the pandemic. Yet, as quickly as he uttered that obvious truth, he and his handlers rushed to pull the statement back. That culminated yesterday evening in the president proposing a federally imposed domestic travel ban for the unvaccinated.


One step forward, two steps back, every single time for the most unqualified presidential administration in modern history.

That lack of leadership has real-world consequences as well. Take the saga of our media betters at liberal networks like CNN and MSNBC. They are now hoarding medical supplies such as tests and N95 masks despite being triple-vaxxed.

As I’ve said before, this kind of thing qualifies as mental illness. These people are delusionally paranoid, driven insane by the hysterical coverage they and their colleagues pump out on a daily basis. There is no science behind the idea of someone who is vaxxed and boosted needing to wear an N95 in any circumstance, much less everywhere they go. There is certainly no reason for someone who is showing no signs of sickness to be stocking up on COVID rapid tests when medical facilities are dealing with shortages.

Yet, these people exist in a twilight zone where the coronavirus lurks behind every corner, ready to kill them if they contract it. Even three doses of sacrosanct vaccines are not enough to pull them back from the brink and firmly back into sanity.


There are leaders and followers in this world. Nicole Wallace and Chris Cillizza are followers, desperately waiting for someone they deem as an authority to tell them it’s acceptable to live again. Unfortunately, the current president is also a follower, and that’s driving much of the psychosis on the left. We don’t have a leader who is willing to stand up and tell his followers that enough is enough and that none of what they are doing is necessary or healthy.

Instead, we have a dementia-riddled old man who wears an N95 on the beach while playing with his replacement dog.

Is anyone looking at that and seeing anything but a projection of weakness and mindless spectacle? Either the vaccines work or they don’t. If they work, then what’s the point of all the mandates? If they don’t, then what’s the point of all the mandates?

That’s an example of the mixed messaging that is continually coming from this White House. And instead of bringing a sense of calm and normalcy back to a society that desperately needs it, Biden’s inability to speak plainly about COVID only drives more into their irrational bubbles. The president has turned the nation he’s supposed to be leading into a rudderless ship. Because to take the wheel would mean accepting some responsibility for the country’s outcomes, and Biden just can’t have that. Better to keep confusing everyone, never taking a firm position and feeding into the musings of the hysterics.




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