China Goes Well Past Orwellian With Its Latest COVID Punishment

China parades lockdown breakers in a truck meant to hold pigs

In the midst of all the talk of the new Omicron variant of COVID-19, China has managed to remain in the background for the most part. That despite the fact that the communist nation originally unleashed the coronavirus on the world by executing a deeply harmful cover-up of what they knew at the time.


That feat has been accomplished in two ways. One, China has been relentlessly and laughably misreporting its COVID statistics, with them actually claiming to have only suffered 4,636 total deaths in a country of 1.4 billion people. That’s with having one of the least effective vaccines on the market as well. To say their numbers are impossible is to understate the situation.

And that brings me to the second way China gets away with so much: World leaders protect them, not even questioning how ridiculous their reporting is, in a naive attempt to keep the doors open. Dr. Anthony Fauci has continually played this game, showing a near-total unwillingness to criticize the communists.

But the doors aren’t actually open between China and the world. Rather, the CCP remains the same genocidal, tyrannical regime it’s always been. That’s being shown by their latest punishment techniques for those who break lockdown orders. This stuff makes 1984 seem quaint.

Yeah, let’s totally continue to welcome these nutjobs into the family of nations.


Are we to believe that measures such as these have led to China’s completely improbable COVID outcomes? That’s what the communists would like, but all this shows is how terrified they are of the truth getting out. It also shows how morally depraved those in the West are that have praised China’s coronavirus response as somehow being better than the United States. In reality, one nation reports its numbers honestly (if not going overboard at times) while the other doesn’t even bother to maintain an air of plausibility.

China’s lies and maniacal actions should be a litmus test for every politician and bureaucrat going forward. If someone isn’t willing to call out this dictatorial absurdity for what it is, they should not be placed in a position of power. And if they are already in a position of power, they should be removed from it with a vengeance.

To not take that path is to let the communists win, and I don’t think I need to describe in detail what that means for the future of humanity.


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