House Democrats Cover for China, Block COVID-19 Origins Declassification Bill

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Just last year, it was considered xenophobic blasphemy to question the origins of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak that has now claimed the lives of more than 4 million people worldwide.  In the last few months, that has changed, thanks in large part to Senate Republicans who have launched a crusade to get to the bottom of the potential that US Taxpayer funds were used to conduct the very research that may have created this virus.


Among the roadblocks that House Republicans faced was that the intelligence, which could have explained a great deal of the potential origins, is classified.  As a result, in April of this year, Senate Republicans Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Mike Braun (R-IN) introduced legislation that would have required that the Intelligence Community declassify any information regarding the potential origins of the virus.

From Senator Josh Hawley:

“For over a year, anyone asking questions about the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been branded as a conspiracy theorist. The world needs to know if this pandemic was the product of negligence at the Wuhan lab but the CCP has done everything it can to block a credible investigation. That’s why the Biden administration must declassify what it knows about the Wuhan lab and Beijing’s attempts to cover up the origin of the pandemic.”

From Senator Mike Braun:

“Identifying the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic is vital for preventing future pandemics, and as investigations and research into the origins of the virus continue, the Biden administration should declassify intelligence related to any potential links between biological research laboratories in Wuhan, China and the COVID-19 pandemic.”


The bill was voted on in May 2021, and passed by unanimous consent.  This essentially means that no member of either party objected to the contents of the bill, allowing it to continue to the US House.

On Wednesday, by a vote of 216-207, House Democrats killed the investigatory effort by Republicans to determine the source of COVID-19 and the subsequent cover-up.

House Republicans were quick to slam their liberal colleagues over the block.

It is clear what the speaker is afraid of.  The speaker is afraid of making Trump right.   As many of us remember, President Trump has been at the forefront of attempting to determine the source of the COVID-19 virus, at numerous times questioning whether or not a cover-up was afoot.  It appears now, that the Democrats are so against the former President that they cannot even admit when he may have been right.  In this particular case, as covered here at RedState by yours truly, lab-leak or no, it is clear that China engaged in cover-up activities in the wake of the virus, employing the efforts of their allies, like Dr. Peter Daszak, who led Big-Tech and the Media’s crusade against the lab-leak theory.


Long and short of it: Democrats appear to be the enemy of transparency.  Either they trust the Intelligence Community to get the intel right, or they don’t.  The problem is they do probably trust the intel, and therefore want to hide it because they don’t want to offend their commie friends.


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