NY Supreme Court Delivers a Beat Down to the New York Times in Project Veritas Case

NY Supreme Court Delivers a Beat Down to the New York Times in Project Veritas Case
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As RedState reported previously, Project Veritas is embroiled in an ongoing defamation lawsuit against the New York Times. But while a media company suing another one wasn’t initially major news, that changed after the FBI raided the homes of several Project Veritas members, including its founder, James O’Keefe.

The stated reason for the warrants was to collect evidence regarding Ashley Biden’s diary, which Project Veritas legally obtained. That has become its own massive scandal, with the FBI being used like Joe Biden’s political protection wing.

Regardless, shortly after the raids happened, privileged memos between Project Veritas and its lawyers were leaked by the DOJ or FBI to the Times in an obvious attempt to sabotage the lawsuit and further harm O’Keefe’s operation.

The judge in the case demanded answers, and he apparently wasn’t happy with the ones he received. A decision came down today that represents an absolute beat down of the Times’ arguments and includes an order for them to destroy all the memos in their possession — most of which haven’t been published yet.

Here’s Jared Ede, the Chief Legal Officer for Project Veritas, breaking down the ruling.

Remember, this is the New York Supreme Court we are talking about, one of the more liberal bodies in the country. Yet, they simply weren’t buying the idea that it’s proper for the government to illegally leak privileged memos to a news organization about a defamation case that the same news organization is embroiled in.

Think about how crazy that is. Project Veritas sues the Times. The FBI then raids Project Veritas for an “unrelated” matter. Then memos protected by attorney-client privilege about that lawsuit are leaked to the Times, which then publishes some of them in an attempt to harm Project Veritas further. That’s enough corruption to make many third-world countries blush. And the Times apparently thought they could get away with it. That’s how brazen the leftwing media has become.

Still, I’d opine that the biggest scandal here remains the DOJ/FBI leaking the documents in the first place. That is truly the epitome of the “deep state.” There is no justification for the FBI to be raiding the homes of Project Veritas journalists over Ashley Biden’s diary. That was clearly an attempt to try to protect Biden from the salacious accusations in it and nothing more. Yet, instead of stopping there, they then collected documents that had nothing to do with Ashley Biden’s diary and sent them over to their allies at the Times.

As I’ve said before, the FBI needs to be burned to the ground. Its credibility can’t be saved at this point.

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