A Jake Tapper Producer Is the Next Pedophile Shoe to Drop at CNN

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As RedState reported earlier in the week, a second CNN employee was caught grooming young girls. That followed a prior revelation that a Chris Cuomo producer named John Griffin had been arrested and indicted for raping a 9-year-old child and grooming others.


Now, we know who that second employee is. His name is allegedly Rick Saleeby, and he’s a producer for Jake Tapper’s show. The man’s identity was released by Project Veritas last night, after a source went to the investigative reporting group out of fear no action would otherwise be taken by the authorities or CNN.

This per Project Veritas’ website.

There have been many requests from other journalists and media outlets to name the subject in Wednesday’s tragic story involving a CNN producer.

After ensuring the family involved is safe, Project Veritas has made the decision to release the name, Rick Saleeby.

After Project Veritas exposed what was happening, the mother of the children involved released a statement of thanks.

I wanted to reach out to sincerely thank you again. I am very grateful toward you guys and everything you’ve done for me and my children. Our world has just been completely flipped upside down, but none of that matters. We are all safe. I’m hoping, praying, and pushing for charges to be brought against him, so he can never do this to another child/family again.

I want the public and any predators to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will go to the absolute ends of the earth to protect my babies. And I am tremendously grateful that you guys have saved us all from him.

Despite the hardships ahead, I am going to continue to sit with these feelings of gratitude toward you guys and the woman who provided you with the information. Gratitude will get us through to the other side of all this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Merry Christmas.


I won’t describe the text messages in question, as they are graphic and it’s simply not necessary. Rest assured that they are disgusting, and given that one text allegedly involved an offer of money in exchange for nude pictures of a minor, they are also almost certainly criminal. Project Veritas further claims to have audio recordings of Saleeby, a transcript of one having been released. But again, I won’t quote it here for obvious reasons.

As of this writing, CNN has not commented on the situation, nor does it appear any mainstream news outlet has even reported on the story yet. I also checked Jake Tapper’s Twitter feed. His latest tweets include talk of January 6th and complaints about Donald Trump. There is no mention of the allegations against his producer.

Will CNN take action? We’ll have to wait and see. What I do know is that the liberal news network should probably spend a lot less time preening about the evils of Fox News and a lot more time focusing on cleaning up its own house. Clearly, there is something really wrong with the work environment over at CNN, and it requires serious action, not obfuscation and distraction.


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