Economic Realities Continue to Elbow Drop Democrat Hopes and Dreams

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Over the last few days, January 6th has once again been placed at the forefront. As RedState reported, Rep. Liz Cheney, apparently actively trying to not be re-elected, released private text messages between then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and various GOP figures.


But far from proving the left’s fevered conspiracy of a planned “insurrection,” the texts actually showed concern and surprise at what was unfolding. One such message came from Donald Trump’s own son, again undercutting the idea that January 6th was planned or encouraged from the top.

But while the beltway bubble is focused like a laser beam on proving that Trump committed the supposed crime of not listening to Sean Hannity quickly enough, the rest of the country seemingly couldn’t care less. The reason for that is simple — they’ve got much bigger fish to fry.

If you watch the above video, what you’ll see are the results of two poll questions. The first question involves Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill, and on that front, the news is dire for Democrats. A majority actually believe the bill will either make the economy worse (46 percent) or make no difference (19 percent). That’s in stark contrast to media and Democrat claims that Biden’s agenda is widely popular. Perhaps that’s true for certain, isolated parts of it, but apparently, Americans can see the forest through the trees.


And that brings us to the second poll question, which largely explains the results of the first. Contrary to some in the media proclaiming that inflation is a good thing or that it only affects the rich, 67 percent of respondents said they’ve experienced personal financial hardship over the last six months due to the inflationary boom. That’s the bell tolling for Democrats who had hoped to change the subject and soothe the American public with overwrought tales of “saving democracy.”

Speaking for myself, inflation has certainly taken money out of my pocket. Gas prices are one thing, but it’s also grocery prices, restaurant prices, and home energy prices that are battering middle-class families. When you put that daily reality up against the Democrat obsession with January 6th, there’s no question the former is going to resonate far more with most Americans.

Yet, Democrats have been getting high on their own supply since the 2020 election, and they’ve shown no capacity to recognize the hole they’ve dug for themselves. Stumbling about in a delusional haze, they seem to truly believe they can tear down a brick wall by beating their head against it. And while musing about big meat conglomerates being the cause of higher prices may sound good to White House staff, few are buying what the administration is selling these days.


Where do Democrats go from here? The answer is nowhere. Public opinion is not going to shift dramatically on these issues over the next eleven months, and even if Democrats were willing to shift their policies, it’s too late for it to matter. There is no reversing the economic damage they’ve caused in time to save their 2022 prospects.



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