Last Night's Election in Deep Blue Houston Blasts Another Hole in the Democrats' 2022 Boat

(Thad Allton/The Topeka Capital-Journal via AP)

If Democrats thought the issue of Critical Race Theory in schools would subside after the Virginia elections, deep blue Houston, Texas, delivered some bad news last night. Per the Houston Chronicle, two anti-CRT candidates won school board seats in one of the nation’s largest school districts.


The results marked a continued backlash against far-left politics, including racial essentialism, being forced on children in public school systems.

Incumbents lost two of the four runoff elections for the Houston ISD board Saturday night, clearing the way for two new conservative trustees in the state’s largest public school district. The results mark the end of campaigns politicized by clashes over cultural talking points in what are traditionally viewed as nonpartisan races.

Pastor Kendall Baker beat Trustee Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca by less than 100 votes to win the seat in District 6. In District 7, Trustee Anne Sung lost to former PTO President Bridget Wade.

Baker and Wade both garnered support from prominent Texas Republicans and spoke out in their campaigns against mask mandates and critical race theory in education.

You have to love the fact that the liberal Houston Chronicle still wants to pretend these races are otherwise “nonpartisan” — as long as Republicans don’t get involved to protect their children. There has never been anything nonpartisan about these school board races, especially when they are otherwise being run by far-left apparatchiks looking to indoctrinate kids into the religion of wokeness.


On the contrary, these Democrats (whether they identify as such or not) have simply been unchallenged. Conservatives have changed all that in the last year or so though, winning seats across the country as well as winning state races by fighting these cultural issues. Back in June, I wrote a piece opining that conservatives are winning the battle against Critical Race Theory. It received mixed reviews at the time, but I don’t think anyone would argue with me six months later, knowing what we know now. Republicans are winning this battle.

This is what happens when the right stops playing failure theater and starts fighting fire with fire. We can win these battles if we are willing to fight them, and there’s a direct correlation between these newfound victories and many in the GOP ditching the old-guard consultant class who would rather lose in style.

As for Democrats, the fact is that these issues are not going away. Their great hope that passing Biden’s agenda will somehow make 2022 a referendum on infrastructure and government-funded childcare is a false one. Americans are awake, and they aren’t content to sit idly by while lunatics corrupt their children. There’s a reason Hispanics are fleeing the Democrat Party for the GOP over the last year, and it’s not just about the economy and immigration. Family is everything for most people, and the left is actively seeking to destroy it as an institution.


Luckily for Republicans, Democrats have no plans to change gears. They are going to keep leaning into the insanity, promoting woke-ism and insisting that race must be injected into every issue…and normal Americans will line up in droves this November to vote against them.


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