New York Moves to Choke the Life out of Small Businesses Because No Lessons Were Learned

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New York City has a new vaccine mandate for all private businesses, large or small. The announcement came on MSNBC this morning (because of course, it did), with outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio letting it be known on Morning Joe that the mandate is “universal” and will go into effect on December 27th.


As I’ll share in a moment, there is no logic to this. It’s simply tyrannical Democrat politicians choking the life out of small businesses just because they can.

I’d say this amazes me, but it doesn’t amaze me. Yes, we’ve known for a while now that the vaccines do not stop the spread of COVID-19, but why should we expect anyone on the left to take that fact and apply it logically to their policy decisions? A more sane mayor would understand that vaccine mandates make no sense if the vaccines don’t stop the spread of the coronavirus. You aren’t “protecting” the vaccinated from the unvaccinated in that case because the vaccinated themselves can infect the vaccinated.

But New York City does not have a sane mayor, and it’s still to be seen whether the incoming one is truly any better. The residents of that city have suffered under some of the most draconian, pointless COVID-19 mitigation measures in the world, from extended lockdowns to chained-up playgrounds to raiding Jewish schools. And even at this late date in the pandemic, with all the information we now have about what works and what doesn’t, the crazy just doesn’t stop. This latest mandate is sure to cost already struggling businesses desperately needed workers.


Yet, I find myself struggling to feel sorry for the residents of the Big Apple. They keep voting for this over and over and over. They just had another election in which they overwhelmingly elected yet another Democrat to lead their city. No lessons were learned from the last two years, and there’s little sign any lessons will be learned in the future. So, while many New Yorkers fret about these measures, they have continually absconded from the opportunity to end them.

There is only one way out of the pandemic, and that’s to defeat Democrats across the board. Until voters understand that, even in these deep blue enclaves, they will continue to get what they get while receiving little sympathy. Democrats are not going to voluntarily let go of the power that was stupidly handed to them. Unfortunately for New York, though, they missed their chance back in November and the long road ahead awaits. The only thing that can save them now is widespread civil disobedience toward this pointless mandate. We’ll see if they are up for the fight.


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