Absolute Hysteria and Choice Memes Flow Over 'Dictator' Ron DeSantis and His New 'Trump Red Army'

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As RedState reported yesterday, Gov. Ron DeSantis caused an earthquake on the left after the governor proposed reinstating the Florida State Guard. DeSantis was accused, among other things, of starting his own “militia” to serve as “Trump’s Red Army.”


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In reality, 23 other states already have a state guard and Florida’s would simply join the already long list, increasing the resources available to respond to natural disasters like hurricanes.

That didn’t stop the hysteria from flowing, though. After my initial write-up, things just went downhill from there. Nikki Fried, who is trying to get the Democrat nomination to run against DeSantis in 2022, went on with Joy Reid last night (because who else?), and hoo boy, was it something.

DeSantis is going full authoritarian by having a state guard like 23 other states already have? Welcome to the logic of the left, and that crazy just continued into the next day, with MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross losing her ever-loving mind this morning.


I’m pretty sure DeSantis doesn’t need a state guard to shoot looters, if that is his motivation. Couldn’t state law enforcement do the job? Of course, that’s not his motivation because he’s not suffering from a mental breakdown like these cable news hosts are displaying. Things got so bad that even Sarah Silverman, a leftwing Hollywood actor/comedian, had to throw down on Joy Reid, pointing out that she clearly had no idea what she was talking about.

In response to all that insanity, conservatives had some fun, leading to some rather hilarious memes.

Jokes aside, though, why does the left act like this about Ron DeSantis? The answer is because they fear him. He is the most effective politician, not just on the right, but in the entire country. He can bash the media with expert skill one minute and solve major problems the next. He’s also shown that he’s not afraid to make tough decisions, even when that means putting his own neck on the line. Democrats are used to Republicans being meek and cowardly, unwilling to use delegated power to protect individuals and do the right thing.


DeSantis horrifies them because he’s the antithesis of that caricature. Republicans aren’t supposed to use executive power to stop vaccine mandates or stand up to big tech. They aren’t supposed to defy Dr. Anthony Fauci and not lockdown during a pandemic. They aren’t supposed to always have the right answer when the media comes calling with their bias. DeSantis does all those things, and they hate him for it.

That’s exactly why Republicans love him, though. He’s earned every accolade he’s received and his star is only getting brighter, which makes the constant hysteria surrounding him all the more enjoyable. There’s something to be said for being able to simultaneously govern well and own the libs. It’s a rare combination.


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