Loudoun County Father Who Was Slandered, Beaten, and Arrested Speaks Out

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

The horror that has occurred in Loudoun County, VA has gone mainstream over the last several months, and the area is now ground zero in the nation’s fight against far-left, degenerate school boards. Multiple scandals have transpired, with the biggest being the attempted cover-up of multiple sexual assaults, one of which appears to have happened as a result of the school board’s “transgender bathroom” policy.


Footage of a man named Scott Smith, the father of one of the girls allegedly raped by a boy in a skirt, getting beaten and arrested went viral back in the summer. Soon after, the slander started, with even the DOJ trying to make him the face of “domestic terrorism.” In reality, he was at the meeting to share his story but was denied a chance to do so by a radical school board that pointedly lied to the public about the assaults.

Now, Smith is speaking out via his lawyer, and that’s probably a good indication of where this is headed.

The NSBA likely got wind of a possible lawsuit previously. That would explain the letter they put out which somewhat served as a retraction of their original accusation of “domestic terrorism.” Yet, the letter did not name Smith specifically, and while it was a step in the right direction, it didn’t go nearly far enough in addressing the biggest issue. Namely, that the NSBA slandered parents for simply trying to protect their children.

To me, Smith’s response demanding an apology and retraction reads as just a first volley. I don’t see the NSBA complying to an extent that would satisfy the issue. That means legal action is probably imminent, and honestly, it should be. What was done to Smith was terrible, and it showed just how powerless parents can be in the face of leftwing power structures.


Further, I don’t believe Smith should stop with the NSBA nor do I think he will. Loudoun County’s school board needs to be sued. They covered up the sexual assault of a minor and then had the police arrest her father for simply trying to speak out. That’s terrible, and it’s not the kind of thing that should be left to lie. The recent resignation of a school board member in Loudoun County may signal that they know something big is coming. We can certainly hope. Not a single person on that board deserves to keep their job at this point.


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