Bari Weiss Becomes All of Us in Debate With Brian Stelter Over Media Censorship

Bari Weiss is an interesting character. Once a top writer for The New York Times, she was harassed and bullied by other employees of the highly woke institution until she finally resigned. In doing so, she spilled the beans on the Times’ toxic work environment and the complete intolerance of non-leftwing thought on its opinion pages, a problem that was supposed to be rectified by Weiss’ hiring, yet was only exacerbated upon her departure.


Weiss has landed on her feet and then some, though. She now has a massive Substack subscriber following which pays her far more than the Times ever did. One door closed and a 14-foot garage door opened in its place.

Yesterday, Weiss went on CNN to chat with Brian Stelter on the always ironically named Reliable Sources. In doing so, she became all of us.

She hits the nail on the head even if Stelter is loathed to hear it. I’ll get to him in a minute, but on the merits, there is absolutely an increasing majority of people who truly feel the world has “gone mad.” People are fired for speaking truths that were common just five years ago. Right now, you can get banned on every major social media site for saying that a man can’t become a woman.


On the topic of dissemination of information, Weiss notes that for over a year, mainstream news outlets and big tech labeled it a racist conspiracy theory to suggest COVID-19 escaped from a lab. Only recently has that imposition been lifted. The censoring of the Hunter Biden story was another example given.

Weiss also notes the excusing of rioting by networks like CNN and others during the summer of 2020 and the assertion that words are “violence” while actual violence isn’t denounced. In short, there is a dogmatic, “proper” way to cover topics according to the left, and they are dead set on being the arbiters of those standards. If you aren’t woke, the attempts to destroy you will follow, whether they are ultimately successful or not. And while Weiss had the resources to survive the onslaught, she ends by pointing out that many others haven’t been so lucky.

For his part, Stelter showed off his peak-mediocrity by trying to stump Weiss with the question of who is stopping people from saying the things she says are deemed off-limits. To her credit, she keeps her cool and further embarrasses him by checking off the many enforcement mechanisms controlled by the left.


Here’s how that went for Stelter.

In the end, Stelter’s refusal to admit the reality we now live in only further underscored Weiss’ point. Her massive following is also evidence of just how many people CNN and others have alienated while they laughably claim to not be pushing an agenda.

Regardless, for a few minutes at least, Weiss became all of us.


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