WATCH: Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protester Shot, Antifa Allegedly Involved

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Details are short right now, but an anti-vaccine protester was shot in Olympia, Washington, following an altercation with Antifa. The latter showed up to counter-protest those who were speaking out against so-called “vaccine passports.”


This news comes via Andy Ngo, who is putting out various videos chronicling what happened.

Here’s a video of when the shooting occurred, as well as screengrabs of various Antifa accounts celebrating the violence and seemingly taking credit for it.

Warning: video below contains adult language.

I must stress that we don’t know for sure who committed the shooting, but witnesses say Antifa showed up and clashed with the protesters. As the Antifa militants were retreating, someone started shooting. That’s when one of the anti-vaccine mandate protesters ended up wounded.


This kind of violence is insane to see anywhere, but especially in a place like Olympia. Antifa has taken over the Pacific Northwest and cowardly politicians have done nothing to push back on them. We’ve already seen examples of the police turning a blind eye — while arresting those who simply defend themselves from Antifa aggression. Things are out of control, and these revolutionaries, as stupid and pathetic as they are, are causing real damage.

We’ll keep you updated on what else comes of this story.


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