WATCH: Things End Very Badly for an Antifa Activist in West Hollywood

Things blew up in West Hollywood yesterday as people protesting vaccine mandates at a restaurant and Antifa activists came to blows. Andy Ngo originally released a clip of part of the altercation showing a well-known Antifa “journalist” swinging at a black man.

As you can see, that did not end well for him and is a case study in why knowing your limits is important.

The person who ends up on the ground (blue shirt) is Vishal P. Singh. He’s a doxxer whose schtick is to show up to these tense situations under the guise of “documenting” what’s happening. He then goes on Twitter and provides out-of-context commentary. Call him the anti-Andy Ngo, I guess.

For example, here’s one claim he made about what transpired.

But is that what actually happened? According to Singh, he was protecting an innocent bystander who was being unjustly assaulted in the street.

In reality, the man in question (in the black shirt and black mask in both videos) was the aggressor. He ran up behind a protester and assaulted them while they had their back turned. After running away, the man in black was chased down and roughed up a bit. That’s when it appears Singh and others got involved, with the altercation then continuing down an alleyway. Here’s the full sequence of events, at least as far as we have the video evidence as documentation.

The man in the black shirt is missing his hat in the second video, but you can see by the shorts that it’s the same guy who assaults the protester in the first video. So someone with Singh (or that Singh joined up with) assaulted a man in a cowardly manner and tried to run away. Singh then involved himself, claiming to be protecting the man, and they both ended up heading down the alley.

That’s when Singh, who is filming people and exchanging words, backs into a black man with “God” emblazoned on his shirt. Singh turns around and shoves him, possibly making the worst decision he’s ever made. It’s at that point that Andy Ngo’s video picks up, where we see Singh, after shoving the black man, gets punched in the face after a failed attempt to retaliate.

After watching all this, I’m left wondering what was even the point of all this chaos. Some people decided to protest a restaurant that had a vaccine mandate. Whether you agree or disagree with that, as long as they are on a public sidewalk, that’s not illegal. Antifa instigators getting involved and started a fight blew the entire thing up for no reason whatsoever. What was Singh even doing there?

In my opinion, and again, this is just supposition, he was likely there to film and try to doxx people. Given that, while I’m not condoning the violence, it’s up to each individual to make smart decisions. Don’t join on the side of a man (the guy in the black shirt) who just assaulted a protester without provocation and then start shoving cameras in peoples’ faces while claiming you are “protecting” him. That’s probably not going to go well, and perhaps Singh learned a valuable lesson in the end.

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