Antifa Attack an Asian Man in LA, and What Police Do Will Leave You Fuming

Antifa attack man outside Wi Spa in Los Angeles (July 3rd, 2021)

As RedState reported earlier today, Antifa militants are on a rampage in Los Angeles, CA. A group of peaceful protesters had originally shown up at the Wi Spa to demonstrate over a prior viral incident in which a man claiming to be “transgender” had exposed himself to young girls.


After the protesters arrived, violence broke out in the form of Antifa members viciously assaulting a woman. This was all caught on camera by Andy Ngo.

While on the prowl in the same area, an Antifa member then assaulted an Asian man, who then took a bottle and struck back to defend himself after being kicked in the crotch. What happened next will leave you fuming. Make sure you watch it until the end.

You can clearly see from the video that an attacker walks up to the Asian man and kicks him first, as others surround and heckle him. That’s a favorite tactic of Antifa as they are total cowards at heart.


Then the man responds, by swinging his water bottle at the person, in self-defense. Despite that, as you’ll see at the end of the video, the Asian man is detained and escorted away by police.

All of this happens while the assailant is standing there, and other Antifa members are screaming obscenities. The police do not even make an attempt to detain the aggressor in this case, despite there being multiple officers on the scene.

As I type this, Ngo is still posting new videos of Antifa assaulting people in Los Angeles. The most recent victim that we know of is a street preacher who was punched and kicked for the grave sin of simply existing.

Police, after apparently arresting an Asian man for defending himself hours earlier against an Antifa attack, are nowhere to be found. It’s almost like there was an order that went out not to arrest anyone associated with Antifa. Maybe there’s some other explanation, but I’m failing to come up with one.


This is all insane, and it’s another reminder that the police are not your friends, specifically in these blue cities. Call it following orders or whatever, but you cannot trust law enforcement to protect you or treat you fairly when a city is run by far-left ideologues.

Normal people are going to have to make some tough decisions in the future when it comes to these cities. As I shared yesterday, a soldier was charged with murder in the far-left bastion of Austin, TX, after his car was mobbed and he shot a BLM protester who pointed an AK-type rifle in his face.

At some point, this becomes about self-survival, and leaving may be the only recourse. Antifa has declared open season on anyone who opposes them, and the police are siding with them in far too many cases. Respond accordingly.


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