BREAKING: Texas Democrats Fold and It's All Over but the Crying

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File

While the news, specifically the news regarding the collapse of Afghanistan and trapped American citizens, hasn’t exactly been great lately, there is a bit of sun poking through the clouds: The fugitive Texas Democrats who fled to Washington, DC have folded.


The contingent had previously pledged to remain out of the state indefinitely, denying the Texas House the quorum it needs to pass a relatively mild election integrity bill. But after Gov. Greg Abbott called another special session, defectors started to add up. Now, there’s enough to start the legislative session.

As I stated on the very first day of this saga, these Texas Democrats engaged in a game of chicken they had no chance of winning. It’s all over but the crying.

Life comes at you fast, but it came at no one faster than Gene Wu, who was declaring victory just a few, short weeks ago.

Does this mean we won’t get any more salad pics on Twitter? What a shame.


In the end, this will go down as one of the dumbest, most pointless stunts in political history. Not only was there no endgame here for the Texas Democrats (they could not win), but they used all their political capital in a failed attempt to stop a bill that doesn’t even do anything controversial. Yes, Harris County won’t be able to run ridiculous schemes like 24-hour voting anymore, but was that really the preeminent civil rights issue of our time?

Democrats in Texas would have been much better off waiting to play this card over an issue of actual consequence. Instead, they blew it on a luncheon with Kamala Harris and a super-spreader event. It’s downright comedic.

Most important than the politics, though, is that Texas’ elections will be more secure, and that’s really what matters here.


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