Simone Biles Dives Head-First Into the Abortion Debate

Simone Biles Dives Head-First Into the Abortion Debate
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Simone Biles made waves at the Olympics when she pulled out of team competitions for what she classified as mental health issues. You’ll likely recall that the ordeal blew up into an entire debate about whether she was quitting on her team or not, with a wide variety of opinions being offered.

On that issue, I just didn’t have much desire to engage at the time. It did appear that she was losing herself in the air, which was not only dangerous but also meant she wasn’t scoring well anyway. Given that, her pulling out of the competition and allowing her teammates to put on a masterful performance in her absence was likely the right call for Team USA.

Later, Biles would return for individual events and win a bronze medal, after which she was hailed as a hero who had overcome adversity. Personally, while I wasn’t hard on Biles for dropping out in the first place, I found it a bit absurd to make her the big story for coming in third place when athletes like Suni Lee and Jordan Chiles really deserved the spotlight.

But while I was content to not have the strongest of opinions on Biles regarding competition, she’s decided to dive headlong into the abortion debate, and that deserves a response.

On Instagram, Biles asked her followers to share “unpopular” opinions. When one response said that “abortion is wrong,” Biles decided to respond. This per The Christian Post.

Biles, 24, responded: “I already know this is going to start the biggest argument & may even lose followers BUT I’m very much pro-choice.”

“Your body. your choice,” she added, reciting a famous slogan of the pro-choice movement.

The Texas native who was in the foster system as a child also delivered a message to those inclined to respond to her argument by saying, “just put it up for adoption.”

“Also for everyone gonna say ‘just put it up for adoption’ it’s not that easy & coming from someone who was in the foster care system,” she added, according to USA Today. “TRUST me foster care system is broken & it’s TOUGH especially on the kids & young adults who age out & adoption is expensive … im just saying.

In addition to characterizing adoption as “expensive,” Biles told her followers, “don’t even come at me if you couldn’t keep a mask on or refused to wear one.”

There are so many logical fallacies here that it’s hard to know where to begin, but let’s start with the idea that abortion is somehow needed because there are problems with the adoption and foster care system.

I can’t think of a more ghoulish point for someone to make, especially coming from someone who was in foster care herself and went on to be wildly successful, than to insinuate that it’s better for a baby to die in the womb than possibly face hardships in life. And while Biles would go on to claim that’s a misconstruing of her words (we’ll get to that shortly), such a defense smacks of trying to clean up her mess after the fact. Biles is the one, in response to a statement about abortion, who decided to bring the issue of cost into the equation. What did she think people would take away from her statements?

As to the notion that “it’s not that easy” regarding putting a baby up for adoption, it is actually that easy. While there are certainly issues with the foster care and adoption system, they almost exclusively apply to older children who are taken from parents due to drug use, criminal activity, neglect, etc. There is no shortage of adoptive parents for babies, period.

Lastly, that Biles would then pop off about mask-wearing as if that’s analogous to frying a baby in the womb and sucking it out, shows a severe lack of maturity on her part. Does she even understand exactly what she’s supporting?

After being called out, Biles responded angrily on Twitter. Here’s what that looked like.

No, actually she did imply that, and the shift to pro-abortion platitudes about “control” doesn’t change that. No one who is pro-life cares about “control.” We care about babies not being butchered in the womb. There is not a single pro-life individual who stays up at night obsessing over controlling Simone Biles. That’s a fallacy that abortion advocates use because they do not want to argue over the actual realities of abortion.

As a person who went through the foster care system to become one of the greatest Olympic athletes in history, you’d think Biles, of all people, would understand that giving children a chance to live their lives is always a worthwhile goal. No one twisted her words, and hate has nothing to do with any objection to her viewpoints. It’s intellectually lazy for her to play that game instead of making a coherent argument for why she supports abortion (to the extent that any pro-abortion argument can ever be coherent).

Honestly, I suspect Biles hasn’t even put much thought into this. She just knows she’s “supposed” to be pro-abortion and she’s filling in the blanks from there. But perhaps that should serve as a signal to stay away from the topic? Sports still represents one of the last, great refuges of unity for this country. That so many athletes are rushing to blow that up for social media likes is disappointing.

Still, Biles is allowed to have her opinions. She can shout them from the rooftops if she’d like. But she should also understand that the bubble the media have built for her doesn’t apply to everything. Want to enter the abortion debate? Then Biles should be prepared to take the heat that comes with that because, unlike gymnastics, abortion is not a game.

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