Tucker Carlson Savages Lindsey Graham and the Reason Might Surprise You

Tucker Carlson Savages Lindsey Graham and the Reason Might Surprise You
Photo via Gage Skidmore

Tucker Carlson took to the air last night and absolutely savaged Lindsey Graham for an entire segment of his show. Yet, it probably wasn’t on the topic you’d expect. Instead of going after the South Carolina senator for two decades of promotion and failed oversight regarding the disaster in Afghanistan, Carlson hit Graham for a reason that may surprise you.

What is it? Well, did you know that Graham has voted to advance every single judicial nominee Biden has put forth so far? That includes one nominee who described Republican election integrity efforts as racist and another who called Donald Trump’s administration an illegal monarchy.

As Carlson explains, the fact that Biden is nominating “lunatics” to fill open judicial appointments is hardly surprising. What’s shocking is that Graham, ostensibly a conservative Republican, has routinely been the only GOP vote to push those nominations forward.

Take the case of Myrna Perez, who has no judicial experience and currently serves as the director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s program for Voting Rights and Elections. Perez fancies herself as a “voting rights expert” and as you can probably gather from that bit of her resume, she’s a far-left kook who believes something as mundane as voter ID is the bain of this nation’s existence.

Yet, Graham voted to push her nomination forward out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Now, you might think that’s not a big deal. The Democrats control the Senate, after all. But remember that the Senate is evenly split among its members, which means so are the committees. In other words, Graham has represented the deciding vote on all these nominees. Instead of standing up to Biden, he’s been a rubber stamp, essentially playing the role of Democrat ally to stack the judiciary with leftwing radicals.

The question is why? When Graham signed off on almost all of Biden’s cabinet appointments, he did so under the guise of wanting to be fair. Per his reasoning, Biden deserved to have the people he wanted on his team. But that same logic doesn’t apply to the judiciary. The Second Court of Appeals is not Biden’s “team,” or at least it’s not supposed to be.

Yet, here we are, with Graham doing the president’s bidding just as he did when he recently voted to advance the infrastructure package. Note that he did that despite the fact that Biden lied to him multiple times during the negotiation process.

So what’s the deal here? What is Graham’s play? Republican voters are begging for their party’s elected representatives to simply stand up as an oppositional force, but all Graham can muster is another argument on why we should stay in Afghanistan. Something is off, and it’s long past time daylight was shown on this matter. Good for Carlson for doing just that last night.

Lastly, at the risk of ticking some people off, I’m going to point out that Donald Trump was still palling around with Graham as recently as this past week. There is a lesson to be learned there in regards to what Trump will forgive if you blow enough smoke up his butt. But as we head towards the future, we are going to need more than that to push back on the onslaught the left is engaging in. Governance by flattery ain’t gonna cut it.

In short, don’t just pay attention to someone’s anti-establishment rhetoric. Make them live up to it.

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