Joe Biden Finally Wakes up and Releases a Truly Awful Statement on Afghanistan

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The country is in the midst of, by far, the most chaotic week of Joe Biden’s presidency. Where is he? Well, he’s at Camp David for the next five days, after being in Delaware for most of the previous week. Does that sound normal for a president in the current situation? To be hidden away on a quasi-vacation while Afghanistan collapses and inflation soars?


Yet, here we are, with the reality that Biden isn’t the president we need, but he’s the president we have. Now, he has awakened from his slumber to deliver a truly awful statement on Afghanistan, assuming he had any involvement in drafting it, that is.

Joe Biden, who essentially canceled Donald Trump’s pullout plan after taking office, is now trying to blame the former president for what’s happening on his watch. Yes, Trump was going to withdraw, but the details of how and when that was going to happen matter.

For example, Biden delayed what Trump had negotiated by three months. Why does that matter? Because it gave the Taliban time to regroup and amass their forces for the offensive we are seeing now. Trump’s plan also reportedly included triggers to attack the Taliban if they violated the deal. Knowing how much Trump hates losing in general, there’s little doubt he would have followed through. Trump’s volatility and unpredictableness would have actually been a positive here in keeping the Taliban in check.


Regardless, while someone can still argue the withdrawal would have gone badly under Trump, the fact is that Biden is president. He walked into the White House, came up with his own plan, overlooked major issues staring him in the face, and then left the White House while Afghanistan descended into chaos.

Are we really supposed to believe that the military couldn’t get our war materials, including state-of-the-art drones, out over the last seven months? That doesn’t begin to pass the smell test. Something went really wrong here, and it went really wrong under Biden’s leadership, including the generals he chose to put in charge.

Now, Biden’s response to all this is to send 5,000 troops back into Afghanistan to help evacuate the embassy. That shows you how caught off-guard the White House was by what’s happening. There’s no way the original plan was to have to redeploy thousands of troops, while begging the Taliban to please leave us alone long enough to flee. This entire situation was royally screwed up, and the buck stops with Biden.

Past that, Biden’s admission that the Afghan military isn’t up to the task (and won’t be, if given more time) stands in stark contrast to his statement just weeks ago when he insisted they were ready and that the Taliban were operationally weak. In other words, this is another example of Biden being an absolute clown when it comes to foreign policy. This man is never right about anything.


I’ll end by noting that we were assured by the administration and the media that the “adults” were back in charge. Biden was supposed to be a leader who took responsibility and made tough, thought-out decisions. That was his entire schtick during the 2020 campaign. Now, he’s running off to hide out at Camp David while attempting to blame his failures on the prior president. Biden is incredibly weak, our adversaries see it, and they are taking advantage of it.



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