Gavin Newsom Is in Major Trouble if These Latest Numbers Are Correct

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With several of RedState’s editors and writers being from California, the recall race going on to possibly remove Gov. Gavin Newsom hits close to home for them. As Jennifer Oliver O’Connell reported yesterday, the desperation being displayed says nothing good about Newsom’s confidence that he can avoid being ousted.


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Newsom was recently spotted cleaning up garbage at a homeless encampment and ranting on a cell phone video about how unfair life is if that tells you anything about his state of mind. He’s flailing wildly, trying to find an issue to unite enough people to keep him around.

But if these latest numbers are correct, he’s a goner. The following poll is not from all of California, but from heavily Democratic Los Angeles County.

The normal caveats apply that this is a Republican poll, but even if it’s 10-15 points off, this is a terrible showing for Newsom. The governor won LA County with 71% of the vote in 2018.

Remember, the question on Newsom’s removal is not him vs. someone else. Rather, the question is: Should he be removed from office? If he loses that vote, he’s out. Then it goes to choosing from the available candidates, whether that be Kevin Kiley, Larry Elder, or someone else.

Newsom is now floating the idea of new lockdowns and has reimposed a mask mandate in response to COVID cases rising in his state. He’s also opened the door to closing schools again, which would only put his prospects in further peril, in my view. Couple that with the widespread, bipartisan anger over AB5 (the law that basically banned sub-contracting) and an out-of-control homeless and crime problem, and you can see why even in one of the deepest blue states in the union, a Democrat governor looks to be given the boot.


California may not be voting for a Republican for president anytime soon, but there are still gains to be made there. This would be a major first step in turning around some of the terrible problems Californians have had to deal with over the last decade. In the end, though, the voters have to make the call and be responsible for the consequences. If they don’t, the pain will continue. Let’s hope they do.


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