CA RECALL: Gavin Newsom Continues to Implode, as Californians Look Forward to His Removal

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I wrote about and shared the video where our benighted Governor Hair Gel melts down in epic fashion before the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee.

Thanks to our dear readers and a nice radio hit by Editor-at-Large Kira Davis on the Grace Curley Radio Show, the video has gone viral.


Newsom can see that his strategy to blame Trump, Q-Anon, and everyone but himself for his downfall is not working, so he has pivoted. Now he’s saying Republicans want to run California off the same cliff as… Texas and Florida?

As my colleague Scott Hounsell said, “God forbid we want to change California into a state experiencing growth.”

Yeah, who would want that?

It’s obvious he is taking some cues from Dementia Joe, who is seeking to blame the Delta variant surge on FL Gov. Ron DeSantis’ and TX Gov. Greg Abbott’s policies.

But Newsom is also personally bitter at Texas, because corporations once headquartered in the not-so-Golden State did the California Adios, and Texas welcomed them with open arms.

Since 2008, a total of 101 companies have made their exodus, 23 of those corporations within the last year.

From the Phoenix Business Journal:

Texas stands head and shoulders above all other states in the race to attract corporate headquarters exiting California, with Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin topping the list of destinations within the Lone Star State.

That’s according to a recent analysis shared with the Dallas Business Journal.

California lost 53 headquarters to other states between Jan. 1 and June 27 of this year, and 23 of those companies went to Texas, according to business relocation expert Joe Vranich, president of McKinney, Texas-based site-selection consulting firm Spectrum Location Services, which tracks corporate headquarters moves.

That’s 43.4% to Texas so far this year, and 56.6% shared between the other 48 states.


Here is a the list of just 14 of those companies that now domicile in TX, taking tax revenue, and people, with them. Eleven of this list moved between 2019 and 2021:

  1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  2. Oracle
  3. Tesla (a new manufacturing plant is being built in the Austin area, and Elon Musk has put his California home on the market, and is “exploring” moving Tesla’s headquarters here)
  4. Charles Schwab
  5. Coravalent
  6. DZS
  7. File Trail
  9. Lulu’s Foods
  10. McKesson
  11. Occidental Petroleum
  12. Question Pro
  13. Zoho
  14. Trend Micro

Florida is less of a thorn in Newsom’s side, but still in his crosshairs. Because of Hair Gel’s draconian lockdowns and the glacial pace of reopening (until the Recall election became a reality), Disney, the native son of California theme parks and entertainment, decided it was time to start making some moves—away from the State. Disney Imagineering, which designs and runs the Disney theme parks worldwide, decided to relocate 2,000 jobs to its corporate headquarters in Florida.


But Newsom continues to go off, and continues in his incessant need to be first at… something.

With his executive authority that he refuses to relinquish, Newsom announced that he is the first to implement mandatory vaccination for educators and staff at K-12 schools. If a person is not vaccinated, they must undergo weekly testing.


Consider this yet another bright, shiny object. While Newsom spouted about protecting the children in one breath, in the next, he approved the release of this felon who bludgeoned, choked, and buried a 20-year old disabled man alive in 1980. The man was rightly convicted, and should have been executed. Instead, thanks to His Hairfulness, he’s being released.

The Cult of the Perpetually Clueless still do not understand why this man must be removed.


And the Stop the Republican Recall folks have their B-Team of California Democrats on the case:

Keep in mind, Swallwell boinked a Chinese spy, who was boinking a few other men at the same time.

So, Swallwell probably knows about getting people sick. Just looking at him does that for some people.

Despite all the fundraising (almost 10-1 on the anti-Recall side), and the national Democrat Party coming to bat for him, Californians are motivated and ready to see Gavin Newsom recalled.

One of our readers accused California voters of lacking the passion or the will to actually remove Hair Gel. I let that person know they could not be more wrong.


Roxanne Hogue, who passionately ran for an Assembly seat in her District 46, is producing videos reminding Californians WHY Newsom needs to be recalled, and then giving them the HOW to do it.

Roxanne calls the Recall, the #MamaBearRecall, because of all the children and the parents who suffered thanks to Newsom’s obesiance to the California Teachers Union. This union, in conjunction with the American Federation of Teachers, gave Newsom $2 million to fight the Recall, proving he cares little about your children, and much about the organizations that fund him.

Former California Senate Candidate, Comedian and Musician Evan Wecksell is so passionate about removing His Hairfulness that he wrote and produced the song: “Recall That Man”. Wecksell debuted the song on the KABC radio show, “Friday Night at the French Laundry”.


Wecksell could not delay in releasing a new comedy single to lampoon California Governor Gavin Newsom (and educate voters) ahead of the fast-approaching special September 14 election. “Recall That Man” is an upbeat comedy anthem, which is hard to pull off, considering the content highlights many of the state’s prevalent shortcomings.

“When you read the headlines and see the inconsistencies from leadership that are negatively affecting all Californians, you can’t help but look at this as comedic lowhanging fruit,” Wecksell explained.

Passion is high, and mockery works. Newsom is no longer being taken seriously, but he is in serious trouble electorally. This has contributed to his recent, deranged performance. We need to keep that pressure up.

Will Wecksell’s song affect people’s opinions on this Recall election? It certainly cannot hurt.

“I don’t want to leave this state,” Wecksell said, “but so many of my friends have left, are leaving or will leave. This upcoming election is almost like a last stand for many of us.

“If this song can act as a comedic voter leaflet,” Wecksell hopes, “then that’s all I can ask for. This is not an evergreen song, but it is definitely timely.”

It’s quite fun, AND informative; especially for those with even a casual membership in the Cult of the Perpetually Clueless.

Give it a listen, and if you’re in California, Vote “YES” to Recall Gavin Newsom.



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