Scoop: Florida Board of Education to Make Next Move Against Law-Breaking School Districts

Scoop: Florida Board of Education to Make Next Move Against Law-Breaking School Districts
AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Per a source, RedState learned Thursday evening that the Florida State Board of Education is calling an emergency meeting on August 17th to discuss and decide on possible disciplinary measures for school districts that are imposing universal mask mandates. This comes after Broward County and Alachua County flaunted the previous state order to abide by the Parents’ Bill of Rights and to allow an opt-out.

Here is the announcement, obtained by RedState, which is expected to go public Friday.

Florida Board of Education

The meeting will serve as a platform for the state’s Commissioner of Education to deliver his findings on whether the counties have crossed a legal line. If they are found to have done so, which is the expectation, that would then set into motion previously discussed sanctions, including targeting of funding. Per our reporting some days ago, one option on the table is to dock the pay of school district officials (superintendents, school board members, etc.).

As I chronicled recently, data on the efficacy of mask mandates simply is not there. Whether you are comparing states within the U.S. or are looking at other nations with extremely strict mask mandates, there does not appear to be any correlation between mask-wearing and the spread of COVID-19. Considering the possible physical and mental harm masks can cause children, it is especially egregious for school districts to force them on kids. That’s accentuated by the fact that all adults in schools have had the chance to get vaccinated at this point.

No child should be used as a pawn so that an adult can make a political statement. Mask-mandates in schools are doing just that, and these counties are placing their hatred of Gov. Ron DeSantis over the well-being of students. In this case, the law appears to have been broken as well. Hopefully, repercussions follow.

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