Ron DeSantis Solidifies His Position as the Most Based Human Being on the Planet

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

This guy does not miss. That’s the impression I get whenever I watch Ron DeSantis come out swinging against whatever forces stand in his way. Lately, those forces have taken the form of hysterical COVID fearmongers attacking the Sunshine State with apocalyptic statements of doom. The White House, via the lies of Jen Psaki, has been especially combative as they desperately search for a scapegoat to distract from their own failures.


As RedState reported earlier, DeSantis was having none of that, responding to Biden’s accusations with fire and fury. He wasn’t done for the day, though. When the topic of vaccine passports came up, the governor solidified himself as the most based human being on the planet.

While Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who I’m assured is a Republican, is folding to the pressure and talking about allowing mask mandates for schools, DeSantis simply has nothing left to give but the absolute truth. He doesn’t care how much it makes the media squirm nor does he seem to mind that he’s putting himself at political risk by actually being a leader and taking a stand. In fact, that ability to make a decision and accept the consequences is one of his biggest strengths. While Biden cowers in the corner, flailing about in order to not get blamed for anything, the Florida governor just says “no, we aren’t doing that, and if you don’t like it, go jump in a lake.”


As DeSantis indicates in the above clip, the choice is not between COVID and no COVID. The virus is always going to be with us. Rather, the choice is between chasing a fairy-tale existence that ultimately amounts to tyranny or one of freedom, understanding that risks will always exist. Florida has led the nation in choosing the latter path, and they’ve done so with great success considering how many seniors (i.e. the highly vulnerable) live there. They didn’t crush their economy, and they didn’t follow mindless, rights-crushing edicts while hiding behind “the science” for cover.

The way DeSantis commands the facts while also being highly effective in how he communicates is a rare blend. There are lots of people who can shout slogans with a touch of trash talk but who otherwise can’t stop giving their enemies fodder along the way. There are also lots of people who know the facts but who couldn’t argue and persuade their way out of a wet paper bag. DeSantis manages to be decisively effective in pushing back on his critics, including the media, while doing so in a way that doesn’t leave room for much of a counter-attack.

Sure, Jen Psaki will respond to this tomorrow, but when she does, she’s going to come across as a weak schoolmarm, lecturing Americans on how they don’t really need to make their own decisions. DeSantis is smart enough to know exactly what he’s doing when he sets his opponents up for that kind of fall, and they just keep playing right into his hands.


The recent, rabid attacks from the White House against DeSantis in the last few weeks are not by chance. They are terrified of the man, and as Biden’s poll numbers continue to drop, you will see more attempts to take the governor out of the game before he runs for president. I just don’t think that’s possible, though. He’s too stinking good at this.


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