Joe Biden Moves to Bankrupt More Americans and You Can Thank Brett Kavanaugh

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The economic illiteracy of the left never ceases to amaze, and that’s certainly true regarding Joe Biden’s latest push. The president is now moving to pressure Congress into extending the so-called “eviction moratorium” that has crippled the housing market and crushed landlords across the country.


This comes after some property owners have not gotten paid rent in over a year while they still have to pay their mortgages. As you can see, this is really caring and compassionate stuff coming from Joe Biden.

The absurdity isn’t just that this is coming under the guise of an “emergency,” but that it’s been allowed to happen at all. On what planet does the CDC or Congress have the constitutional authority to literally steal people’s property with no reimbursement? Yet, that’s exactly what’s been happening. In fact, you can find multitudes of left-wing ideologues willing to defend it as a right and just move, citing the supposed evils of landlords.

But it’s not just Joe Biden and the Democrats that we have to thank for this tyranny. You can also send Justice Brett Kavanaugh a thank you note.

Less than a month ago, the ostensibly conservative Justice punted on the chance to strike down the CDC’s power to enact an eviction moratorium as unconstitutional. Instead, he joined the liberals of the court to allow the moratorium to run its course through July 31st. In his writing on this issue, he noted that he did not think the CDC had the authority to do what they were doing, but chose to let them continue anyway for reasons outside the law (i.e. so Congress could finish distributing rental assistance funds). He also wrote in his decision that Congress would have to authorize a future extension, green-lighting exactly what Joe Biden is now pushing for.


In short, Kavanaugh sent out a bat signal to Democrats that they could continue the clearly unconstitutional action of stealing from property owners simply by passing more legislation. Now, that’s what will likely happen. A month ago, the court had a chance to not only strike down the CDC’s actions but also to rule broadly enough to stop a future moratorium, regardless of whether Congress “authorized” the CDC to continue it or not.

Since they didn’t, we get another year of litigation likely ending in Kavanaugh being too much of a coward to make the tough, correct ruling. That’s not exactly helpful to the property owners who are going bankrupt right now because they can’t make their mortgage payments while people squat in their homes.

Landlords are not evil. They are often middle-class Americans who chose to invest their money wisely. The government has chosen to target them financially with no constitutional right to do so. Further, the repercussions of this are widespread. Fewer people are now going to invest in housing that people could then rent because it’s not worth the risk. And because there are so many people squatting in current rentals, there are people with the money to pay rent who can’t find a place to live.


This is not America. Rather, it’s something you’d expect to see in a tinpot dictatorship. No “emergency” gives the federal government the right to steal from citizens, at least outside of full due process regarding criminal activity. The Supreme Court needs to take this seriously, including Justice Kavanaugh pulling his head out of his backside, so as to offer immediate relief if Democrats push through another eviction moratorium.


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