A Trump Ally Gets Nailed Again as Our Two-Tiered Justice System Becomes More Ridiculous

Yesterday, RedState reported on the news that the FBI played a pivotal role in orchestrating the kidnapping plot of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Going well past just gathering evidence via informants, it is alleged that FBI agents went so far as to help birth the scheme (indicating it may have never happened otherwise) and to encourage participation in it.


That goes far beyond what most would consider proper use of informants, especially if entrapment was involved. It also raises questions about the political nature of various actions being taken within the DOJ and FBI.

Now, another example comes to the fore demonstrating the politicization of our justice system. Another Donald Trump ally is being prosecuted under FARA laws, provisions that formerly were never enforced and continue to not be enforced outside of Trump’s realm.

Jim Hanson makes that point in his commentary on the matter.

The question is not whether Tom Barrack violated the letter of the law. It appears he may have and that the prosecution, when viewed in a vacuum, could be justified. Rather, the question is why Democrats who have so clearly violated FARA laws are not being prosecuted as well?

Hunter Biden was being paid by a Chinese-controlled company (there are no “private” companies in China and they all operate as part of the state) to lobby government officials and secure deals for CCP-connected individuals. He set up meetings for his father, now President Joe Biden, with foreigners who were obviously paying him for his influence. It is also known that Hunter Biden was paid to lobby Congress on behalf of a Romanian real estate mogul. If those things are not a clear violation of FARA, then nothing is. Yet, the younger Biden, instead of being held accountable, gets to sell bad paintings to anonymous buyers for obscene amounts of money while the media fawn.


FARA laws, which had only been enforced a handful of times throughout their history until Trump came along, were used to target Paul Manafort. More recently, Rudy Giuliani had his property raided under the guise that he may have been operating as a foreign agent regarding Ukraine.

But if you are a Democrat, the DOJ apparently finds no interest in enforcing FARA laws. You may recall that one of Manafort’s associates, Sam Patten, was charged as well for FARA violations regarding Ukraine. Meanwhile, Tony Podesta, a Hillary Clinton flack, and others were never touched despite it being common knowledge they lobbied for Ukraine as well without registering.

Selective prosecutions that just so happen to fall along political lines have seemingly become the norm, and they’ve only accelerated under Attorney General Merrick Garland’s leadership. The fact that Barrack may have done something wrong here does not excuse the DOJ from choosing to not enforce the law in similar situations involving Democrat figures.

No one should be expected to trust or respect a justice system that operates this way. If FARA is the law and it’s going to be enforced, it should be enforced equally. It should not operate as a tool simply to target Trump associates when the DOJ otherwise can’t charge any other crime. Yet, that appears to be exactly how it’s being used.



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