Hunter Biden Apparently Gets Around, Caught Doing Shady Deals in Yet Another Country

Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Polk County Democrats Steak Fry, in Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)


It’s amazing how a guy with zero experience in certain fields kept getting jobs in certain fields. And I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that his father was conducting foreign policy in the same places, right? But don’t ask questions, because Chuck Todd might have an aneurysm.

We’ve already heard about Hunter Biden’s lucrative dealings in Ukraine. Then there was the bribery scheme in China involving a guy under indictment. Now, we are finding out that he advised a guy headed to prison in Romania while not being registered as a foreign agent.

In other words, Biden likely broke the law here by even being involved with this dealing in Romania. He was not registered properly and was clearly advising in a foreign country. Of course, nothing will happen to him because FARA laws only apply to Trump associates.


At the same time Hunter was doing this, Joe was involved in at least articulating foreign policy in the region. The smell of selling influence is strong. There’s no reason Hunter would have otherwise been getting all these gigs if the people involved didn’t think it could help their case. The most damning explanation is that they felt he could sway his father, consciously or through indirect suggestion, to change their situations. The more tame explanation is that they thought simply having Hunter around would provide a buffer between them and prosecutors, i.e. the idea that Joe Biden would protect his son. Neither is particularly good.

But who gave this information to Vogel? I have a pretty good idea.

John Kerry’s son is front and center here. The article reads like him trying to get out in front of any accusations of bad dealings on his part. He’s basically throwing Hunter under the bus. Also, remember that the media rushed to accuse Rudy Guiliani of corruption for meeting in Romania earlier in the year. Anyone think they’ll suddenly forget where Romania is on the map? I’m going to guess so.


What all this does do, regardless of how bad it actually is, is continue to bloody Biden. Trump has successfully hung all this around his neck and because so many in the media adore Elizabeth Warren, they are starting to take the chance to put Biden out to pasture. While he continues to dominate in South Carolina, he looks to lose the first three primaries and that’s a terrible position to be in.


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