Jen Psaki Gaslights Profusely After Being Asked About the FBI Raiding Rudy Giuliani

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Earlier today, the FBI raided Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s apartment in New York City. This supposedly has to do with Giuliani’s efforts to expose corruption in Ukraine, including by members of the Biden family. Like with past Trump associates, it appears the DOJ is looking to selectively enforce FARA regulations by claiming that Giuliani was an unregistered foreign agent.


Jen Psaki, Biden’s White House mouthpiece, was asked about the raid. Her answer was typical, and not at all believable.

There are many reasons to brush this claim of independence off as gaslighting, not the least of which is that Psaki is a known liar.

Past that, ask yourself why the FBI only seems to want to push the enforcement of FARA laws when it comes to Trump associates? We’ve got John Kerry literally tipping off the Iranians about Israeli military operations, but he’s not being investigated as a foreign agent. Hunter Biden was paid to testify for a foreign actor before Congress and never even registered as a lobbyist. Yet, Giuliani pokes around in Ukraine to try to expose corruption by Americans like the aforementioned Hunter Biden and that makes him an emissary of the Ukrainians? This is going to strike a lot of people as selective justice, and that’s assuming Giuliani even did anything wrong, of which no evidence of that exists publicly yet.

Besides, what exactly has Biden’s DOJ done to show it’s independent of the White House? After the mass shooting in Colorado, Merrick Garland waded out to share a podium with Biden to push gun control and proclaim and AR-15 pistol was “concealable.” We’ve also seen politicized investigations of police departments start back up again in the last several months. The idea that the DOJ is just floating above the fray, uninfluenced by the politics of the president is so absurd as to be laughable.


Heck, you don’t even have to look past this story for proof of that. Why was this raid immediately leaked to The New York Times so it could be reported through a left-wing, anti-Trump prism? Of course, the investigation into Hunter Biden is locked down like Fort Knox, though. Amazing how the leaks stop the moment a Democrat is the target, right? Tell me again how the DOJ isn’t politicized.

The raid against Giuliani looks like a revenge play, and Psaki’s “let me play dumb” routine comes across as sincere as Jeffrey Epstein giving parenting advice. We’ve seen this script before. The DOJ didn’t give two craps about FARA when Iranian associates were running around Washington throughout the Obama years. Only when Trump came onto the scene did this start, and FARA became a clever pretense to selectively target political enemies with backdoor criminal allegations. It’s happening again, and no one is buying these faux pronouncements of independence anymore.



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