Damage Control Begins After Black Lives Matter Simps for Cuban Communists

Earlier today, I wrote on the incredibly disgusting letter released by Black Lives Matter written in support of the communists in Cuba. In it, they blamed the United States for the island nation’s woes and praised the Castro regime for their supposed support for “black liberation.”


To the extent that there was any real question of how radical the BLM organization is, it was answered unequivocally as the group cited the harboring of a convicted cop-killer as a positive and asserted that Cubans had supposedly gotten to “choose their own government” by being oppressed by a dictatorship (for context, there has not been a “vote” in Cuba since the 1960s).

Because of just how much BLM set themselves on fire, that put corporations, sports leagues, and politicians who supported them in a very precarious position. Now, the damage control is starting.

This is a cop-out, and it’s one that BLM fluffers don’t get to make use of now that things have gotten uncomfortable. For years, conservatives have been warning what BLM really is. In fact, they haven’t been hiding their support for murderous Marxists at all. Look at the date on the tweet below.

Yet, when we pointed out that we were dealing with a Marxist organization with radically anti-American views, we were called racists. We were scorned for saying, for example, that the MLB had no business painting BLM’s divisive logo on their fields. We were ripped for suggesting corporations shouldn’t give money to BLM because it’s obviously a scam organization.


There is no real difference between BLM and the BLM movement, and those marching almost universally supported the organization until five minutes ago. Further, you can not separate BLM and the slogan “Black Lives Matter,” especially when those flags, banners, and posters being held up are adorned with the BLM organization’s graphics.

The chickens are coming home to roost for those who didn’t listen to the warnings about tying themselves to a bunch of Marxist racists. They can’t run from that relationship now. Rather, they have to own it, and if they have the guts to do the right thing, make amends for it.

BLM and the broader social justice movement are toxic. They have caused far more harm than good. Much of their influence has been established because of fear of being labeled racist. It’s time for people to stand up and say enough, including black Americans who are being used and abused by BLM.


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