'Marxist' BLM Founder Defends Her Real Estate Binge, Makes It So Much Worse

'Marxist' BLM Founder Defends Her Real Estate Binge, Makes It So Much Worse
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Earlier in the week, RedState reported on Black Lives Matter Founder Patrice Khan-Cullors’ real estate binge, including her most recent purchase of a $1.4 million estate in California. Because BLM’s finances are so hidden, we can’t know for sure where she got the money from, but what we do know is that Cullors claims to be a Marxist.

Yes, she’s a self-proclaimed commie, and last I checked, commies aren’t supposed to support capitalist indulgences like building real estate empires or making big bucks from book advances.

Given that, Cullors is now out there trying to defend herself. Let’s just say that it’s not going well, at all.

Spoiler: the interview was not, in fact, fantastic. Cullors propagates the rantings of someone with no ability to explain how being rich and buying up properties in 99% white areas matches her proclamations about Marxism and being all-in on black communities.

The Blaze offers some excerpts.

“If you are a trained Marxist, if we’re talking about a certain kind of radical politic, that extravagant homes of any sort, or multiple properties of any sort, is itself contradictory to the ideology that you hold,” Hill said. “And so it’s not about having money per se … or about property per se, but it’s about being a potential contradiction between your expressed politics and your lived practice.”

Khan-Cullors called such a critique “wanting” and asserted that “the way that I live my life is a direct support of black people, including my black family members, first and foremost.”

She added that many black people who can “invest” choose to do so with their families, “and that’s what I have chosen to do. I have a child, I have a brother that has severe mental illness that I take care of, I support my mother, and I support many other family members of mine. And so I see my money as not my own; I see it as my family’s money as well.”

Here’s the thing. Getting rich and using that money to take care of your family is not a Marxist ideal. In fact, one of the major tenets of Marxism is to tear down the walls of things like family and religion and replace them with a faceless system of “equity.” You can’t own $3.2 million in real estate, real estate that is building equity I might add, and simultaneously proclaim yourself to be a Marxist who hates capitalism. That’s farcical on its face.

But Cullors is a long-time grifter, and she’s really in no danger of any serious consequence for her hypocrisy. At this point, it would make much more sense for her to just say “well, I said I was a Marxist years ago, but I was just young and stupid.” Instead, she actually tries to fit her clearly capitalist advances under the guise of Marxism, and it just doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, when challenged on this, Cullors and BLM charged racism because of course, they did. Everything is white supremacy, including questioning why a Marxist who founded an organization that received $90 million last year is buying up property like she’s a mogul.

If I were someone who gave money to BLM, I’d be angry about this. I’d be angry about their finances and who gets paid what being under lock and key. I’d want to know if my money went to buy some privileged grifter a fourth house instead of to local black communities. But the national press is so invested in protecting BLM that those questions won’t be answered and the swindling will continue.

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