Republicans Have Another Chance to Not Be the 'Stupid Party' but Will They Take It?

The fight over a compromise on an infrastructure bill continues to heat up. After having reached a “deal” with Republicans some weeks ago, the Democrats have decided to keep stomping on the heads of the GOP members who were dumb enough to go along with it by introducing a massive, inflation-inducing $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.


They don’t call it the “stupid party” for nothing.

This comes after Joe Biden initially blew up the Republican-Democrat compromise bill before promising that he didn’t really mean it. Despite being jerked around multiple times during the course of these negotiations, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and other GOP members once again decided they’d trust the Democrats.

This latest maneuver regarding a budget-busting reconciliation bill is just another slap in the face to people who already have red cheeks. There has never been any justification for a compromise infrastructure bill. There certainly isn’t if Democrats are going to push through their gargantuan wish list two months later anyway. It’s like making a deal with someone to give them your car if they agree to not take your house and then they come and take the house anyway and you end up with nothing.

Yet, that was always going to be the end result here. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and their cohorts have never been shy about the fact that they were going to use a reconciliation bill to get what they wanted no matter what. Given that, why have Republicans been negotiating in the first place? That’s a question I keep asking to which I have received no answers.

But, as if the universe is just begging Republicans to not be idiots, they’ve been given yet another chance to walk away from the table. Democrats have not negotiated in good faith, and that’s beyond obvious at this point. Why keep doing this? To try to keep Joe Manchin from folding? He’s going to fold anyway. At least make that political fraud own it instead of providing cover for him. Further, Democrats need to be made to own the further inflation and crushing of the middle class that would result from such a massive spending bill.


The clock is ticking here, and how Republicans are perceived today will have a direct impact on whether they get their majorities back in 2022. Most GOP voters want to see their party stand up and say enough. The obstruction is the point. I understand political machinations must happen, but it’s becoming clear that Democrats are not going to punt on reconciliation no matter what. Given that, this “compromise” deal on infrastructure must be blown up with extreme prejudice.

This is simple – don’t be stupid.


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