Merrick Garland Good and Fully Jumps the Shark With Admission on DOJ Targeting Red States

Bill Clark/Pool via AP

The DOJ is completely compromised by partisanship at this point. That was the conclusion drawn by multiple RedState writers yesterday, who opined about AG Merrick Garland’s announced lawsuit against Georgia for their recent election reform law.


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The lawsuit itself reads like it was written by a Harvard diversity studies professor. It makes all sorts of unsubstantiated claims, while presuming that things like the racial makeup of those who voted for the law somehow play into its legality. I’m not a lawyer, so perhaps it makes sense to people with more knowledge, but most of what I read seemed like absolutely irrelevant idiocy to make the woke happy, not to actually win a lawsuit.

Yet, it was something Garland said in his announcement that should give everyone pause.

Wait, the DOJ is using reports, most of which were false, from partisan mainstream “news” outlets to decide on which red states to target with lawsuits? That seems a little out of bounds. It also seems completely antithetical to the mission of the DOJ. Shouldn’t they be pursuing lawsuits based on gathered evidence and demonstrated illegality, not what a talking head on CNN says?

Heck, even general claims by the media that Georgia’s law was “voter suppression” are clearly opinion and not actually based in fact. The DOJ apparently bought them hook, line, and sinker, though, as their lawsuit makes wild claims about black people being denied equal ballot access — when that’s clearly not true in regards to Georgia’s reform law or their system in general.


But, this is bigger than this one lawsuit. It’s a window into how partisan the DOJ has truly become. They are looking to be left-wing activists in every high-level move they make, seeking out what will make the woke happy. Whether that’s pushing onerous claims about white supremacy being the country’s biggest threat or pushing the idea of vote suppression when there’s no evidence of that, Garland is demonstrating exactly what he is.

This is nuts. You have a powerful, government bureaucracy with unlimited resources bearing down on states and individuals based on their political persuasion, not the law. This is why so many no longer have faith in our institutions. It’s not because Donald Trump caused distrust. Rather, it’s because Donald Trump was right. From the DOJ to the military, left-wing ideology is driving discourse and actions – and that’s scary stuff.


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