Ron DeSantis Shows We Have the Dumbest Experts (Again), With Cruise Line Victory

Had you paid attention to mainstream media just a few months ago, you would have been assured that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ fight against CDC dictates in relation to cruises was futile. In a pattern that has become all too common in our political environment, so-called “experts” were sought out by biased news outlets to tell them exactly what they wanted to hear. Namely, that DeSantis was going to lose.


Now, those experts have been shown to be wrong, again. As RedState reported, a judge ruled against the CDC’s edicts in relation to vaccines and cruises, handing DeSantis another major victory.

Of course, the receipts were kept, and now it’s time for the airing of grievances.

If you aren’t familiar with local Florida politics, you may not be aware of just how awful the Miami Herald is. This is the same outlet that has repeatedly fluffed lying, conspiracy theorist Rebekah Jones, and they did so as recently as last month despite overwhelming evidence that she’s a fraud.

Yet, the Herald is hardly alone in trotting out “experts” who turn out to be anything but. One of the most common tactics in left-wing media (i.e. almost all traditional news outlets) is to search out some professor or self-described authority to rebut anything a Republican does. It doesn’t matter how solid the ground being fought on actually is. Rather, if a Republican is doing something, it must be bad and ill-advised. Obviously, DeSantis showed that attitude to be foolhardy.

Of course, it’s not just academics who show their lack of real knowledge regularly in the media. Lawyers writing for news outlets also play the same game. The result is typically the same.


Given Jeffrey Toobin is a top “legal analyst” for CNN, that should give you an idea of how credible many of these people are. They aren’t really speaking from a position of authority. Instead, they start out with a partisan position and then bend ancillary facts around their preferred narrative. The predictive value of their statements ends up being essentially zero.

The Washington Post hit DeSantis as well, describing his initial lawsuit as “political buffoonery” while opining that he would lose and slow the restart of cruising from Florida. In the end, DeSantis racked up a series of victories in just a few weeks’ time and cruise ships are sailing again before summer even really gets going. Florida man wins again.

DeSantis’ depantsing of the expert class is just the latest example of their lack of credibility. There will be many more in the future, rest assured.


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