DeSantis Trounces the CDC in Big Court Win on Cruise Ships

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

There haven’t been many politicians willing to stand up for what’s right during this pandemic.

But one who has is Gov. Ron DeSantis. He’s stood strong and won on multiple issues including recently on mask mandates, with the Court of Appeals finding the mask mandate unconstitutional.


Now, he’s got another important constitutional win just in, on behalf of the cruise ships, his state of Florida, and all Americans.

A federal court judge threw out the CDC rules that kept cruise ships on an indefinite lockdown, saying the rules could only remain in place until July 18, granting DeSantis’ request for a preliminary injunction to stop the lockdown after that point. The court said that the CDC had until July 2; if they wished to come up with a narrower injunction in regard to rules, that would still allow the ships to sail. But the CDC had to prove what they intended to impose on the ships was supported by science and show their methodology.

The decision also held that Florida was very likely to win on the merits of the case, and there was an imminent threat of irreparable injury to Florida, which is why they granted the preliminary injunction after July 18.

Can we say complete and utter, huge win for DeSantis?

The Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody celebrated the win:

Today’s ruling is a victory for Floridians whose livelihoods depend on the cruise industry. The federal gov’t does not have the authority to single out & lock down an entire industry indefinitely. Proud to stand w/@GovRonDeSantis against @JoeBiden’s illegal federal overreach.


The CDC was basically holding the whole industry hostage, harming the state and its citizens, when other industries had been freed from the lockdowns. While it’s a decision on cruise ships, it’s also a helpful decision in regard to lockdowns and constitutional rights in general.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ press secretary, also celebrated the win with a little jab at the Miami Herald, which has been a constant critic of DeSantis. Pushaw noted how the paper pooh-poohed anything coming out of the DeSantis suit. Now, they have to eat their words. Liberal media once again takes a hit for their biases.

DeSantis himself also weighed in.


If DeSantis can keep this up, he’s going to be pretty golden in the future and tough for Democrats to beat. Democrats have done all they can, promoting all kinds of false stories, but so far, they’re only served to build him up more. Add that to him doing a good job to boot, and that’s a pretty great resume for a future presidential run.


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