Democrats Go to War With the Catholic Church

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

If you didn’t think white boy summer was going to be lit, this story may change your mind.

Because we don’t have more important issues going on in the world like out of control inflation, a floundering economy, China rising, Joe Biden’s brain-melting, or a border crisis, Democrats have decided it’s time to go to war with the Catholic Church. Yes, 2021 just won’t stop.

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The background on this is that Catholic Bishops have been convening on the issue of denying communion to heretical Democrat politicians. That would include Joe Biden, who is rabidly pro-abortion.

That led to this silly consternation – and be sure to stick around because it gets worse.

Did you get all that? It is now “weaponization” for the Catholic Church to have beliefs and to hold its followers to those beliefs. Apparently, Democrats are under the impression that communion is just a free-for-all, whereby the church can have no standards whatsoever in administering it. Heck, you don’t even have to be Catholic to see how dumb this is. Protestants have different beliefs about communion, but they still follow the Biblical decree to examine one’s self and to make sure that one is worthy of taking it. Paul is pretty clear that if you aren’t, you are sinning against the Body of Christ.

In regards to the Catholic Church, their doctrine denotes that someone who supports abortion is disqualifying themselves from the Eucharist. Now, whether a person agrees with that or not is irrelevant. If someone doesn’t like how Catholics do things, they can go start their own religion, correct? Regardless, it’s absolutely asinine to ask a 2,000-year-old church to bend to the political wants of modern Democrats.

Of course, Rep. Ted Lieu is an asinine person so you get this.

If you had a Democrat literally threatening the Catholic Church for daring to have their own dogma on your 2021 bingo card, congrats.

Lieu is a lot of things, but Catholic is clearly not one of them. Christianity is not a buffet where you get to just pick and choose what parts you like while dismissing the rest. Lieu can support killing babies in the womb or he can be Catholic. He can’t do both, and that seems to be making him rather angry.

Meanwhile, here’s the craziest take on all this from a larger account.

Got that? If a church dares to not bless the heretical positions of a politician, then the government should retaliate and tax that church as punishment. Sounds legit, right? The tyranny just flows from these people like honey.

No one has a “sacramental right” to be offered communion by the Catholic Church. They also don’t have a right to demand a Protestant pastor marry a same-sex couple. Religious freedom exists in the United States, at least for a little while longer, and it goes both ways. Biden and other Democrats are free to take communion however they want. They can go buy some wine and bread and go nuts. But the Catholic Church is also free to not administer it to them under the guise of their religious authority.

Do Democrats really think going to war with the Catholic Church (and Christianity in general) is a smart play? Do they truly think an institution that has existed for thousands of years has to throw out all their beliefs in order to appease the sensibilities of modern liberals? Delusion is a strong drug so perhaps they do.